Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Disaster Averted (or how I survived another minivan mishap)

As I walked towards the Kohls parking lot today after an hour of shopping a thought occurred to me, "who is the idiot who left the back of their van open?" This thought was followed quickly by another: "Oh, I'm the idiot." That sickening feeling is not one of my favorites (that's right, it's not the first time). I approached the van with trepidation as I reflected on what must have happened.

Hmmmm.....It seems like only hours ago (Eric-you may want to just skip reading this one)...After pulling in the parking lot I sat in the car for about 10 minutes while Ryder got in a little more nap time and I listened to The Pillers of the Earth on my iPod (when listening to a book I like to get to some sort of ending point before I get out of the car, if possible). I paused the iPod, put it in the center console, opened the back and side doors, and stepped out of the car. I retrieved the stroller from the back, put a now drowsy Ryder in the stroller, grabbed my purse and the bag of things I was returning, and began walking towards the store. I know I locked it. I distinctly remember hearing the beep. Now, did I close the back? Did I push that little button on the key? This is where I get a little fuzzy. I would at least like to think that I made an attempt and it just didn't work (that happens sometimes!). But I am just not sure.
So let me now publicly thank the Kohls shoppers who walked past my van and maybe laughed, called me an idiot (which, as you know, is what I would have done), rolled their eyes, or shook their head as they gave me a little tsk, tsk, tsk. They all walked by and left the contents of the van alone.

Things that could have been stolen:
- the xm radio
-my iPod
-Savannah's scriptures
-a broken tire gauge
-Haven's really cute new black sweater
-Ryder's coat and one of his jackets
-the diaper bag
-Sage's dance bag and shoes
-two car seats
-some mousse I just bought yesterday
-the book "I Capture the Castle"
-various magazines
-some lip stuff, pens, mascara, gum and a lot of what Eric would call "junk"
-2 sets of headphones for the dvd player (but not the remote because I already managed to lose that)
-several Christmas gifts (these were in the very back in plain sight of anyone walking past) worth quite a lot of money and one trip to the mall
-a lot of trash
-the whole van

I would like to add that before I left the house today I did remove the video camera from the car (left there after the girls' dance recital last night). So there was really no danger of ever losing that (this is for you, Eric, if you decided to read on).

I know that on a busy shopping day in an hours time there must have been a good deal of traffic passing by and boy, am I grateful that they did just that.

What have I learned from this? Sadly, nothing new. This is a lesson I have had the opportunity to learn before and apparently didn't. Will this time be the charm? I would like to think so. (Although, you would think that leaving the side door of a rental van open--with all of our vacation belongings inside--while we walked four blocks to watch the end of one of Eric's marathons would have been enough.) But I am going to go out on a limb and say, "This will never happen again." Probably.


natalie said...

Oh my Jenn!! You didn't tell me about this. I am so glad no one took any of your stuff. That is so scary.

Jessica said...

Maybe you could invest in a minivan bodyguard. What are you thoughts on this?

Eliza said...

I really enjoy how honest you are about your, shall we call them "quirks"? You are very funny and in your defense, your mind is obviously on higher things.

Hacking it up said...

Yikes! It's nice to know that there are honest people around! :)I wish I could say that I've never done anything that stupid....but I can't.

Eric the Husband said...

Yes Eliza, her mind is on higher things, like where to get her next ice fix, or whether or not it would be possible to listen to a book on her Ipod and read another at the same time and have them both make sense, because there are just too many books to read. Kidding sweetheart. I liked the story, but you are going to get a whippin' tonight (Natalie, stop thinking that! That's not what I meant!).

Jessica said...

Eric, you are funny. Natalie, you are funny too.

Jenn Elison said...

Jessica: instead of a bodyguard, maybe I could try to grow a brain. Do you think that is possible for me?

Jenn Elison said...

Eric: what were you thinking about when you lost that very expensive GPS? Or was that all part of your plan to get that even more expensive new one (which you have!). Do you think I could listen to one book and read another? That would be so cool! And lastly, I had already made my next "ice" plan, remember? I turned right in front of you on my way to Sonic for a whole bag!

natalie said...

Eric, haven't you learned when to keep your mouth shut? And yes, Eric, I know exactly what you meant by that last comment.(give it to eric big time)

Becky said...

Do you guys know what a phone is? On second thought I like being able to read your conversations. Jenn, I am speechless about your proclivity to leave car doors open.