Friday, December 14, 2007

Nose Assault!

How happy was I when, upon returning from a trip to the grocery store, I saw Sage exiting her room with vacuum cleaner in hand? Wow! She cleaned her room without being asked (threatened or bribed is more like it--simply asking gets me nowhere with that girl!). It was then that I was hit with the unmistakable scent of burning rubber. It only took a few minutes to find out that no--she hadn't cleaned her room and yes--the belt on the vacuum snapped.

Eric walked in soon after I did and got to work. I know I've mentioned how handy he is and his expertise does include minor vacuum repair. Luckily, vacuum belts for my particular model (Simplicity 7000 series--love it) come in a pair and we had one on hand. As Eric turned the vacuum over to begin inspection it was clear that it is usually a really good idea to clean the room first and then vacuum. Entwined in the vacuum was one of Sage's tank tops. I'm no expert, but that is probably what caused the belt to break, after filling our house with its putrid stink!

Sage claims that she was just cleaning up a spill and didn't realize that she sucked up a whole shirt. I think we all learned a thing or two. Sage learned that it is advisable to pick up things--bigger things--off of the floor before vacuuming. Eric learned that if engineering ever gets too boring he has an exciting future in vacuum repair. Ryder is beginning to learn how to follow in his dad's footsteps. Savannah was reassured that there is a good reason she keeps her room clean. Haven learned that a room smelling of burnt rubber is not sleepable (thank goodness for mom and dad's bed). And I learned that you can never assume that your children know the proper order in which to vacuum. But bless her heart for giving it a try.


natalie said...

Ha ha ha! That is too funny. Sage cracks me up.

Hacking it up said...

I totally hate that smell...and burnt popcorn...that stinks too....I wish I could say that I've never sucked up something into the vacuum that I shouldn't...but I can't. I suck up a lot of Legos...but sometimes I do that on purpose :)

Chris and Karen said...

I will remember this as I am about to clean up our house. Pick up first then vacuum.

Becky said...

Ummm does Sage need glasses or was it a teeny tiny shirt that she vacuumed up?