Friday, January 25, 2008

Eisley Mania in the Elison Household

If you are not already crazy about Eisley, please let me introduce you. They are an amazing singing group that I am sort of obsessed with. I say "sort of" because there people more obsessed than I: my two daughters. And actually, our whole family loves their music. Even Ryder "ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhs" along with the chorus to "Marvelous Things." (You can find that song in my playlist below.) Snag up one or both of their CDs as soon as you can. And for you "Twilight" fans out there, my girls have picked out several Eisley songs that would serve as perfect theme songs. See if you can pick them out. And please, if you have any suggestions for great music, pass them along.

"Room Noises"- 1st album

"Combinations"- 2nd album (probably my favorite of the 2)

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Hacking it up said...

I've always loved your taste in music! I'll give this a try! Thanks!