Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolutions and Happy Birthday

I refuse to share most of my New Year's Resolutions. They are very personal and I like to keep my failures to myself if I can. I will tell you that losing weight always makes my list. And someday it will happen (I am giving myself a pep-talk right now) and I would like to take credit for following through with a New Year's Resolution when it does. Also I would like to share that, once again, sending birthday cards to everyone in the family for the whole year is on my list. (Those born in January might think that I succeed at this every year, not knowing that I start off with a bang but usually lose my steam come February.) So, publically displaying what little faith I have in myself, I would like to say "Happy Birthday!" to all of you who turn a year older any time between February and December.
P.S. I don't include the promise that these birthday cards and/or presents will arrive on time. I can only set myself up for so much failure.
P.P.S. If I do succeed at any other resolutions I will let you know.
P.P.P.S. Don't hold your breath.
Speaking of birthdays, here are some of my favorite cakes from recent years:

Haven's 1st birthday (I actually made this one!)

"Yummy! My very own cake!" (Enjoy! It will never happen again)

Natalie's "Nothing Bundt Cake" cake

Ryder's 1st birthday cake (I made this one, too. Sorry, Ryder!)

Looks scary, tastes great!

Haven's 3rd birthday

Sage's 12th birthday

(Yes, it is the exact same cake as above. My kids' birthdays are too close together for them to always have their own cake! By the way, "Thank you Costco.")

They don't mind sharing. It was a big cake.

Savannah's "Twilight" themed 14th birthday party was perfected by this cake from Albertsons. I hated to cut into it.

Eliza made this in her cake decorating class. I give this an A+++++

Tanner's 2nd birthday cake. If you can't tell, there is a real Thomas train that moves around on a little track. Another Albertson's masterpiece.

Now I'm starving. I guess my #1 resolution to lose weight is not getting off to a good start.


Aivaz Family said...

I sure do enjoy you. And now I am starving too. That Twilight cake was beautiful. I like you. A lot.

Natalie said...

Wow, I would really like a piece of cake right now. Thanks a lot. I miss you guys! It was fun being in the same house with you all for a week. My kids don't find my sense of humor as funny as yours do.
Love you

Hacking it up said...

I LOVE CAKE!!!!and those were some beauties!! I esp. liked the "Twilight" and the flower one you made! Well done!I too have issues with getting b-day cards out on time...if at all...I'm sorry to say that I get them out to my own family better than to Lance's...I just don't remember until its too, I tell Lance it's his responsibility to CALL his family on their b-days!!! Which he eventually does after I pester him to death about it...

Becky said...

All those cakes are making my weight loss resolution weak! My goal to get birthday cards out to everyone usually fails in January because two of them come up quick and after I forget those I give up again. Love reading your blog!

Jenn Elison said...

Thanks Becky. I want you to know that I have 7 birthday cards to send in January and I already sent the first 2 yesterday! I'm so proud. They will even be on time. It's a New Year's miracle.