Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't Let Easter Sneak Up on You! (It's in March this year)

Easter is in March this year so don't put off picking up those Easter dresses. Yes, I have learned that lesson the hard way. Wait too long and you're stuck with a choice between the few dresses everyone hated. Haven is a big-time dress girl so this is an important decision in our house. Savannah is boring and will wear a new shirt with one of her basic skirts and, if I am lucky, a new pair of church shoes. Sage is very difficult because she is growing progressively picky. I remember last year's hunt for a dress with Sage was particularly painful. She finally found the perfect dress but it was sleeveless. So we began the hunt (the day before Easter) for some sort of sweater or jacket to maintain her modesty. Not fun! Being desparate I paid twice as much as I wanted (expensive dress + expensive sweater) because she couldn't do without that dress. I don't know when she wore it last. It is buried somewhere in her room. It's probably gone forever. But I can tell you that the perfect little sweater turns up in her laundry basket every time I wash. And not because she wears it! She just doesn't know where to put it when it shows up in her room clean and folded so she puts it back in the hamper. Please tell me I'm not the only mom to whom this happens.

So Haven remains the fun one. And I have spent some time looking online the last few days and have come up with a few samples. Let me know what you think.

This is kind of fun. I love the bright color.

Not your standard Easter dress.

I like the subtlety of the flowers on the skirt and the fact that it comes with a little sweater.

Too bubble-gummy?

I love this one.

Another great color.

Very billowy. Haven would love this one.

Haven would eat these up with a big old spoon but I think they are a bit too much.

Nice color.

Very feminine.

I love the sleeves on these. Not so sure about the gigantic flowers.

Beautiful color. I like the bow, too.

I'm finding that I am very attracted to polka dots lately. You can find that evidence by one of my more recent purchases from Rare Editions as modeled by Haven:

Okay. I very obviously need to narrow the field. And truth be told I already bought one cute pink dress at Costco the other day--but I don't think I like it well enough to be The Official Easter Dress. (Mainly I fell prey to Haven's pleas of "Oh mom can't I please have that beautiful pink dress? Please please please?")

I don't want you to think that I didn't have my son in mind as I shopped. But if you don't already know this (I am fairly new to this boy stuff), there is some scary stuff out there for your sons. Especially in the Easter department. Why would Easter be the exception for dressing your son like cotton candy? I just want to add one picture that, if you purchase this for your son will guarantee him ending up in therapy some day. And may even get him beat up by the other one-year olds.

* If not already indicated the above dresses can be found at:,,,, and


Aivaz Family said...

I love every second of your blogs. Very cute choices. Jason doesn't understand why she needs a new one "when last years still fits". Men. Also, Wal-mart has a very cute selection. I know their clothing isn't very good quality, but they are cute. Katelyn and her cousin Tyler are getting matching dresses from there. Just an fyi. You are so cute.

Natalie said...

Wow, there are way too many cute ones to choose from. I think you should get them all. If I had to choose just one it would be dress number 15. The sleeveless pink and brown polka dot one with the cute ribbon around the middle. So cute!!

Linda said...

I vote for the polka dot dress(any of them). Please do not buy that vest for Ryder!

Hacking it up said...

sigh....I miss buying cute little Easter dresses!!! Those are all adorable! My fav. is the first one with polka-dots! :)

I hate trying to find dresses for Lauren..Her legs are so stinkin' long, they're all too short...then there's the modesty thing...Why do these stores think that our young women need to dress like a bunch of "Ho's"?..seriously!... Madi is a little easier to buy for...not as tall...not as picky! I love Downeast Basics for the girls, and I love to get my boys Sunday clothes from Children's place...they always have cute vests and cute ties!

Eliza said...

That was nice of Eric to let you borrow his sweater for your blog. Oh, that wasn't his? I am so embarrassed right now. Also, my favorite was the one that you liked the sleeve, but weren't sure about the gigantic flower...very old-fashioned and pretty.

Chris and Karen said...

here are my picks. 2, 11, 14, 15 ,16. yeah I know some were pink but hey Annmarie does look cute in them. I must say I just buy the first cute one I see I have never put this much thought into it. ON the vest . . . I have gotten Will stuff from Old Navy or the Children's Place.

grandma kopp said...

Jennifer my choice would be the one that you liked. I love the blue and white with the three tiers. I hope it won't be hard for you to choose one she would look darling in any of them. I would suggest for you to buy one that would good after Easter. I am very economical though. My vote would be for the blue one with white flowers.
love you

easleyfamily said...

Cute dresses, and we just bought a sweater vest like that for Ryan. :)

Jessica said...

I have two faves- the one Nat is talking about (pink and brown polkadots) and the second one (I think) that you said wasn't your typical easter dress with the little sash around the waist. What a lucky girl. I would have loved to wear big fluffy dresses when I was little. Let us all know which one you choose!

lori said...

I love the brown with pink polka dots. I miss the days of buying "twirling" dresses for Erica. As for the vest - somewhere a rainbow is crying.
Love ya, Lori