Sunday, February 10, 2008

Favorite Things

Every once in a while I like to post about a few things that I like. I like lots of stuff.

A few years ago my friend Kim (one of my few science fiction and fantasy cronies) told me about a television series called Firefly. It had already been cancelled at that point and it surprised me that I didn't even remember ever hearing about it. And it is really right up my alley. So I borrowed her DVD set and I've never been the same. Okay, so it's not as life-altering as all that, but it is really enjoyable. As in, "I need to watch that again," enjoyable. Which is why I have since purchased my own copy and one for my dad. (Thanks for finally taking my advice and watching it, dad. I knew you'd like it.)

Firefly is a futuristic western. Space is now the new frontier. It has the most wonderful characters and it is hilarious as well as dramatic and suspenseful. Not really for the kiddos, though.

A couple of years ago they also came out with a Firefly movie called Serenity. Also excellent. But watch the series first, if you can. (And ladies, watch out that you don't fall too hard for Nathan Fillion as Mal, the captain of the space ship Serenity. Whoo!)

Let me also mention, since I haven't the last couple of weeks, that I think that this new season of Masterpiece Theatre is just excellent. Mansfield Park was very well done and I loved Miss Austen Regrets. Very enjoyable and I now love to picture Jane Austen as Olivia William's portrayal. Nicely done.

And for those of you who aren't well on your way to wearing out your A&E Pride & Prejudice dvds, it starts tonight and goes through February 24. I might watch it anyway. Will there be anything better on? I doubt it.

One of my favorite books of all time is Atlas Shrugged. This is such a great book. I am not saying that I agree with all its philosophies, but it is amazingly written and says a lot about human nature and what drives us. I once bought a really cool old copy at a used book store and the owner of the store told me that he requires all of his empoyees to read it. And just a little side note about the author, Ayn Rand: she was an athiest and said that the reason she couldn't believe in God is because she could not believe in something she could never become. Interesting.

Okay. Just one more favorite that has to do with FOOD. I think Sees candy makes some great stuff (next to you, grandma! I'm serious about that. If my grandma started charging me for the candy she makes at Christmas, I would pay. Seriously.). My very favorite at Sees is California Crunch. Treat yourself sometime. You deserve it.

California Crunch are the nut-covered candies in the middle.


Aivaz Family said...

Back in the day Nathan Fillion played "Kevin Buchanon" on One life to Live. Just a tidbit for you. I love your blog. Seriously.

Chris and Karen said...

Thanks so much for hooking me on masterpiece theater. I have loved the one's I've seen (everyone but the first) It has actually got me reading real books again not just Dr. Seuss.

Hacking it up said...

Love this post! I always like hearing about what people like. I will have to see that movie "Firefly"...I really liked "Serenity"...esp. the captain :)

I'll have to read that book too...I've not heard of it...and as always,...hooray for candy!!!

Britain said...

I am actually a bit bummed that they are doing A&E's P&P since I own it. I forgot to Tivo Mansfield Park and just caught the last half of it. My timing is always just a bit off.

Zachariah Parry said...

I do deserve it, don't I?

Eliza said...

I actually have Firefly sitting on my shelf waiting for me to finish House, M.D. and Veronica Mars. I am excited...I have heard nothing but good things. I have been enjoying Masterpiece Theater. You are a wealth of valuable information.

Mel said...

I love hearing about your favorites. I just bought satsuma body butter from the body shop yesterday, per your recommendation, and I love it!