Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Promise Not to Breathe on You

I'm sure that a lot of you can identify with me--especially this time of year--and agree that being sick is the worst! (Either that or I am the world's biggest baby.) But I have spent over a week under the cloud of coughing, sneezing, stuffyness, achyness, and all other manner of unpleasantness and I'm past the point where I start pulling my hair out! And of course the worst thing about being sick, as a mom, is helplessly watching as the house deteriorates into a state of complete chaos. It has gotten to the point where paint is peeling off the walls and I think a chunk of our ceiling fell in today. It isn't that I haven't had some help. Eric has been great and even my big girls have tried to help out. But the rate at which a house goes downhill with the mom stuck in bed is amazingly fast.

It hasn't all been bad. While I vegged in the recliner today in a half-conscious state Haven and Ryder very sweetly set up this little reading center. It was very cute. Cute enough that I picked my sorry butt up off the chair and snapped a picture. Although I should mention that the scene that came right after I got comfortable in the chair again involved mini-muffins and apple juice all over the kitchen floor. That part did not warrant a picture.

I think that any mom who is sick for more than a few days should automatically be eligible for a free cleaning service. Some of the special services they would offer are:

- make sure mom is nice and comfortable and that all children (this includes hubby) are somewhere far enough away that mom can enjoy a clean house for at least an hour before they can return
- what ever heavy duty equipment is necessary to remove a week's worth of grime from the kitchen floor
- a possible complete remodel of all bathrooms

- a full house painting (at least of the lower three feet of every wall)

- completion of all the dirty laundry including folding AND putting away (and if you are sick for more than two weeks, this should include a free drawer sort in all the kids bedrooms)
- a new set of dishes
- a fridge and pantry refill (this should include a trip to Costco for families with at least two kids)

The only problem I can see with this is that I would probably feel sick a lot more often.


Chris and Karen said...

when things fall down just try some super glue or duct tape. Have could do that right? Hope that you fell better

Chris and Karen said...

Haven not Have yeah it is early cut me a break

Aivaz Family said...

If only it worked that way. We should also get all those same priviledges when our children are sick since they want to be held every second of the day (well, mine anyway). I love you Jenn. I hope you feel better soon.

Natalie said...

I wish that was the way it worked. Getting sick wouldn't be all that bad. I hope you are feeling better. I love the new layout. You need to help me with mine.

Linda said...

You brighten my day Jennifer! I hope you are feeling well soon. The picture of Haven and Ryder is adorable!(wish you were closer so I could help out!)

Love you.

Hacking it up said...


Being sick sucks.

I think there should be a "mom" shot given to...well,...moms..and it should make you immune to anything and everything out there that is sick or afflicting!!! I also, very much like your list of what the sick mom is entitled to..Here!Here!

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Ynaffit said...

You are killing me... This is hilarious!!! Why is it that mom's are the only ones that aren't allowed to be sick? My husband is the worlds BIGGEST baby when he's sick. I could be running a temperature hot enough to turn my morning shower into a steam bath, sneezing enough to send my 2 yr old through the wall, and achy enough that I felt like I'd been in a bar fight... only to have my husband walk into the trashed house and ask, "What's for dinner?"

I tell ya... one of these days!!!