Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Bag's Been Tagged

Well. I guess I have been "bagged tagged." (Thanks Britain!)

The Rules...

1. take a picture of your bag
2. show a picture of ALL the contents in your bag

3. "Bag Tag" five people

There are times when this may have been kind of interesting even bordering on disgusting. But since Christmas (and thanks to MRK) I've mostly been carrying my small Coach bag which doesn't allow for too much crap. And I'm happy to say it is cleaner and about two pounds lighter after cleaning it out today. But it is very boring. Not even a piece of gum or a life saver or some sort of feminine product.

My super-duper brother-in-law had my name for Christmas this past year and he picked out this totally rad purse for me all by himself. Thanks MRK. I love it!

What you are seeing here is as follows: a bunch of receipts (the one on top is from Costco and is sporting a cute smiley face drawn by the person checking receipts at the door for Haven); six bucks, a ton of change; peppermint lip gloss from Bath & Body Works--yum!; a Regal Cinemas gift card (thanks, Ryan!); a tiny pile of trash (I was actually shocked about how tiny that pile was; my key to the Volvo (Eric's car); wallet #1 (holds some cash and cards--very handy if I need to just grab it and put it in my pocket); business cards for a friend who just started selling Gold Canyon Candles; my cell phone; wallet #2 (holds a few other cards and important receipts I need to keep--wallet #3 does not fit in the purse but it holds mostly membership cards, library cards, and a few coupons--stuff I don't need every day but that I don't have with me when I do need it). And that's it!

At least my purse is clean now. I threw out all but four ultra-important receipts, put the key back in the key box (you're welcome, Eric), added my change to the Elison family change jar and put the cash into the wallet where it belongs. I feel a little lighter and more free and like I should go shopping or something. Now I tag: Natalie, mom, Sarah, Steph and Sage (Sage: just choose one of your 59 purses--and you have to clean it out afterwards! (Natalie: I'm leaving Seana, Eliza, and Jessica for you to tag! And mom, you can tag Melanie and Amy. So, no excuses you two!)


Britain said...

Thanks for playing. What a good sport you are.

Linda said...

Thanks Jenn! It was fun to play "bagged tagged"! I love you!


Hacking it up said...

you are going to be sorry you tagged purse(es) is a disaster!...I'll post it soon--busy week, and we're leaving town tomorrow to go play for the, when I get back, I'll catch up my blog....I hated this past week...