Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And the Winner Is....(and other updates)

For those of you interested, I thought I would tie up a few loose ends:

This is the Easter dress I chose for Haven. I seriously considered a couple of other dresses but decided against them because of price or because they didn't have Haven's size (one place charged an extra $10.00 for every increase in size!). But I love this one (from Best Dressed Child)! It looks so cute on her. I didn't go with polka dots because she has too many polka dotted dresses already. Including this one I couldn't resist:

This is the shirt and tie I have for Ryder (Children's Place). Or I also have a blue oxford shirt for him. Would that be too matchy with Haven in blue as well? (I know that matchy isn't a word, but it should be.)

This is what I got for Sage. Okay. I'm joking (sorry all you Hannah fans!). She found a super cute dress at Dillards. I can't find a picture of it but I'll take some on Easter and it will be even cuter with Sage in it. Savannah is still a dilemma.

I finally decided on a camera! Thanks to all of you who chimed in with your opinion. I don't think I could go very wrong with either camera in the running, but in the end I chose the Canon Rebel XT. Eric was actually the deciding factor. He wants to learn to do something called bracketing. I'm not really sure how it works but he has shown me examples of what it looks like. It's pretty cool. It arrives this week so you can decide if there is an improvement in my photos. I hope I can learn how to use it.

I really did buy these fun orange bowls from Anthropologie. And these cute dishtowels were on sale ($7.95 for a set of three)!

And just to mention a few other things: 1) I am slowly but surely recovering from my many ailments. My eyes are on the mend (a small scar on my right eye from my corneal ulcer and the left eye is not great but much better); the pleurisy is pretty much gone--thank goodness; and let me just take a moment to thank all of you for all your well-wishing. I really appreciate it! 2) I have been on time for church a few times; returned library books on time twice (darn it! The current batch was due yesterday!); arrived on time for dance twice; made it to several doctor appointments nearly on time; made it to violin once or twice on time; and generally made more of an effort to be places when I'm supposed to be there. I'm not perfect yet! My birthday cards are still consistently late (sorry March people) and I just can't quite manage the whole "dinner is at six" thing (honestly I didn't make any effort in this department). 3) I found and bought my favorite organic orange cleaner at Ace Hardware. It was a little pricey compared to the three-pack at Costco (is there a way to request stuff there?). 4) My favorite Mango Body Butter is currently on sale (buy 3 get 1 free) at The Body Shop. And 5) I ate my last Bleu Ribbon Burger at Red Robin. Sad.

Thanks for indulging me. It's nice to tick things off my ever-growing list of things to do or buy or ways in which I need to improve.


Linda said...

Haven's dress is so cute! She will look so beautiful on Easter. Ryder will be so handsome too! Can't wait to see pictures of Savannah's and Sagie's Easter outfits! Your camera looks awesome! I need to hear more about the thing Eric was talking about with the camera. And is Red Robin closing down? Why will you not be able to have tht burger anymore? I'm so thankful your eyes are doing better and your pleirsy is getting better. I'm proud of you for making it to church on time and your other appointments! You didn't get being late from me....I hate being late to anything!
Love ya,


Linda said...

Pleurisy sorry I spelled it wrong in my first comment and forgot the "a" in that!

Hacking it up said...

Bravo!!! Well done!!
You must feel so accomplished! Seriously!..I would if i had doe all of that!!!
Glad your health issues are clearing up!
Love the Easter stuff! (I love Children's Place for my boys)
..I'm so behind....but I did get my closet and room cleaned this week...along with all of the post vacation landry...that's something isn't it?

Aivaz Family said...

Always improving. Fabulous job, Jenn. Maybe I should start to write this stuff in my blog and make myself more accountable. What do you think?

Natalie said...

I love the dress you picked. I am sure Haven looks adorable in it. What doesn't she look cute in? Nothing, that's what. I am glad you are feeling better. You've had a rough winter. I will be coming over to have you take my kids pictures in their Easter attire.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting in my vote for you for retail consumer of the year award! Do I dare check our checking account? The kind of photography I'm interested in is actually called high dynamic range or HDR. You can use bracketing to accomplish it.

Eric the husband

Jenn E said...

Eric-I am sure there are several people who could beat me out for consumer of the year. If you only knew how many things I want but don't buy! And what about those sales? Can't you find the silver lining?

Linda said...

Eric and Jenn you guys were so meant for each other! I guess opposites attract, right? You guys are the best! (Eric, you really should be happy she doesn't buy all that she would like!) Just kidding Jenn!

Eliza said...

I like the contrast of the green for Ryder and the blue for Haven. They will look so springy (if you use matchy, I can use springy). I am excited to see the Easter pics.

Sage said...

When did you go to Anthropologie?
I love my dress. I was very sad having to pass up that super-cute Hannah Montana dress thing. (eww)

Jessica said...

Thanks for filling us far away folk in on your life. I love your blog. I really need a girl so I can go Easter dress shopping!

Diane said...

You should feel proud for remembering your accomplishments for the week! I tend to forget from day to, maybe I should get checked for that..