Friday, March 7, 2008

Help Me Buy a Camera!

I don't mean actually "help" in the sense that I need you to send donations, I just need help deciding which camera to buy. Almost any camera will be an improvement on the piece of garbage camera we have right now. I think that most disposable cameras far surpass ours in quality. I am not an expert photographer but I would like to improve. But I need something that isn't too complicated or at least a camera that will allow me to take nice pictures immediately but will allow me to improve and maybe try things that are a little complex later on. I have basically narrowed it down to two cameras and would appreciate any input.

This is the Nikon D40.

And here we have the Canon Rebel. This also comes in black but I like this silver look.

Well. What do you think?


Chris and Karen said...

well I think that Andre Aggise (sp) supports cannon and I really like the silver better. So in my proffesional oppinion. . . yeah good luck with that one

Brooke said...

Okay, so Canon is bettttter. Here's why. Canon is better suited for a womans grip, therefore your pictures are more stable and clear. There are more Canon compatable lenses in affordable price ranges as well. The Canon Rebel XT has excellent picture quality, it is extremely easy to use in a automatic mode for quick shooting, and is very simple to learn when you are ready to branch out to your own settings. I do have to say that the Rebel XTi has had poor ratings, and is not worth the extra 1 or so megapixels you get. So I would stick with the XT. It is a great versatile camera for amature photographers, it's light, yet very durable. Most people will argue Canon vs Nikon as people argue McDonals vs Burger King, but trust me... as someone who has shot with both... Canon for the win! (p.s. Canon is McD's and Nikon is Burger King.) If you are still awake after reading this... I just wanted to say that if you need any help with accessories or anything else with your new Canon, I would love to help you with your new Canon, since you will be buying a new Canon. A little over the top wasn't it. Don't hate me.
Just trying to make the world better one Canon at a time.


Jana said...

I asked my Husband...he is better at these things than I am. Here is his advice:
Here is a great website:
It gives great review on all sorts of digital cameras and accessories. As far as these cameras I would probably go with the Canon. Both cameras would be good but the canon is an 8MP (vs. the 6MP Nikon). You will loose the Point and Shot functionality because both are SLR, but you will get better quality pictures. Good luck.


Linda said...

Hey Jenn, here is my 2 cents. And since I have a canon myself, I vote for the canon! It's been a great camera. But get the one that feels right for you! (Some help huh!)

Love ya,

Mel said...

My friend Jen, who is an amazing photographer, recently told me that regardless of which camera you buy (and both cameras you are looking into have super great ratings)it is photoshop that makes a huge difference. I don't own it yet because it is expensive (she uses cs2 which can be found now for around $225 and they just came out with cs3 which runs about $500-600, I think).

Becky said...

I'm going to vote for the Nikon because I like rooting (is that the right spelling?) for the underdog.

Jessica said...

I don't know much about cameras (that is Adam's department) but we have a canon (our second one but not because the first one sucked) and I really like it. My vote is the Canon. And mom, you can't vote for the underdog when we're talking about an expensive camera, okay? I like you.