Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Husband Tag

  • What is your husband's name? Eric
  • How long have you been together? Our 17 year anniversary will be in August.
  • Who said I love you first? He did. I followed immediately behind with an, "I love you too." We were at The Paul Ream Wilderness Park going for a romantic late-night stroll. I believe if you were to go there today it is only if you want to score some drugs or need a place to sleep for the night. (I'm not entirely sure about that. I have heard that it's gone downhill. Correct me if I'm wrong.)
  • Who is smarter? Definitely Eric. He is much more well rounded than I am. I know a few things about a few things where he knows a lot about a lot of things. I'm no dummy, but aren't you automatically smarter if you can do complex math problems?
  • Who does the housework? I do the majority of the day-to-day stuff, but Eric is really good about helping out. He often cleans up stuff without even being asked. And he is great about keeping the garage clean--and believe me, the rest of us junk it up fast! I have an example of my only complaint in this department: Company is coming somewhat unexpectedly! (I don't know, our home teachers called and want to drop by right now.) The house is a big mess. Toys are everywhere. There is a big pile of laundry I'm in the middle of folding on the family room couch. Dinner dishes are still on the table. Hopefully they won't have to use the bathroom. I bellow, "attention everyone! We need to to a quick tidy up. I need everyone to pick an area and quickly clean it." Wait! Where is Eric? Oh, he is in the master bathroom cleaning out under the sink. Or cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen. Or sorting socks. Whatever our company has planned for their visit to our home I have a feeling it doesn't involve our socks.
  • Who sleeps on the right? Standing at the foot of the bed facing the bed I am on the right. No matter what. If we are in a hotel room, my mom's house or wherever, that is where I sleep. I have no idea why.
  • Who pays the bills? I do.
  • Who cooks dinner? I do. But Eric has a few classic recipes that we can count on him to make in a pinch (homemade macaroni and cheese, nachos,
  • Who drives when you are together? Mostly Eric. But sometimes I feel like driving or he doesn't feel like driving.
  • Who is more stubborn? That would be me. I think it works to Eric's benefit, though. Because on the the occasions when he is being stubborn (not very often) I tend to take it seriously and try to let him have his way (Eric-you may disagree but can I just say "DVR?")
  • Who kissed who first? When I think back on that night (our second date) I have to say that it was mutual. But I think I left him little choice.
  • Who asked out who first? He did. It was a mostly blind date. We were in the same singles ward but didn't know each other. Diana (now my sister-in-law) sort of set us up (she pointed him out to me at church) but he actually called and asked. We went to see the Vienna Choir Boys. It was amazing. I believe that if it didn't work out for him to take me that he was going to take his mom.
  • Who proposed? He did. We went on a bike ride at Sundance. I knew we were going to get engaged soon but I had no idea he was proposing that day. It was a wonderful surprise. Incidentally I was helping to throw a shower for my step-sister that morning and was really exhausted and almost called him to cancel!
  • Who has more siblings? He does. He has 2 sisters and 4 brothers. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. (Unless you count all my step-brothers and sisters and then I'm the winner.)
  • Who wears the pants? Me. I let him borrow them sometimes but they are way to big.
I am so lucky to have Eric. He puts up with huge amounts of crapola from me and I am more than grateful for it. He is an amazing father. He looks forward to and does spend a lot of time with our children. He is a really handy guy. He can--or will try--to fix anything. He is also very outdoorsy and comes up with a lot of fun adventures. He goes on a hike almost every weekend. It stresses me out a little because most of them are pretty strenuous. (When he leaves I always ask him what time I should call Search and Rescue. And trust me, this is not a stupid question.) We have our little issues (mostly involving the thermostat and the hours at which I go to bed), but he is amazingly easy to get along with (I'm sorry you can't say the same for me, Eric). One of my favorite things about Eric: his voice. And besides, he is even hotter today than when we first met. That is the truth! I love you, Eric!

Who hasn't been tagged on this one yet? Mom, Steph, Karen, Britain, Amy, Melanie and anyone else who has a husband to brag about.


Aivaz Family said...

You guys are seriously so cute. You are lucky to have eachother! I cant wait to hang out with you tonight!

Brooke said...

What cute pictures!! I just love your family. I think Eric would agree he has a pretty amazing wifee!!

Natalie said...

That was a great tribute to your wonderful husband. Eric really is an awesome guy. I was laughing so hard at the cleaning story. Speaking of funny Eric stories, I always love to go back and read my journal from when I was like eight or nine years old. There was one entry in particular that went a little something like this "my sister is dating the cutest guy in the world. If you saw him you would faint." Eric you are great. Thanks for being so good to my sister.

Britain said...

OK. I'll Play. I like your stories about your hubby. So the question I am always curious about is who is more competitive at board games?

Becky said...

Dave is exactly like that with his cleaning. Especially when someone is coming over. He usually cleans the garage or does yard work. No wonder they get along so well!