Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do I Sound "Pitchy" to You?

We didn't jump on the American Idol bandwagon at the beginning. I resist reality shows as a rule. But let me tell you the reasons why I like American Idol (in no particular order):

- We can watch it as a family. No censoring is necessary. (Although we do have to occasionally try to explain Paula Abdul's behavior: "Ummm... Maybe she had too much cough medicine...")

- It's just plain funny. Yes. We do enjoy those first few weeks when they purposely let the truly terrible or crazy people audition for entertainment purposes.

- Music. We can't live without it. We'll take it in almost every shape or form in order to fill our daily quota.

- Simon. Okay. So he can be a jerk. But he's nice to look at, has a British accent, and he is the only judge who gives useful information that can help the contestants improve.

- Idol Gives Back. As the most watched show on television, it is heart-warming to watch them be so charitable and make the world more aware of how we can help. When we watched last night I hadn't really intended to donate, but before long we just had to! (You can too: here.)

- The spirit of competition. Even when it goes wrong (can you say, "Taylor Hicks?").

I'm not always thrilled with the outcome and I don't always buy their albums, but American Idol rocks.


Zachariah Parry said...

I am still holding out on American Idol. I've jumped on the small Veronica Mars bandwagon for now thanks to sundry recommendations from my peers, but I like my Paula Abdul in doses - "Cold-hearted snake" and "Opposites Attract" make their way to the top of my playlist now and then.

Chris and Karen said...

Wait a min is this really Savannah writing this blog? I was a big fan Of AI through the 2nd season then Clay got . . . yeah well. I do own a Carrie Underwood CD but I cannot bring myself to watch again. Usually because the best sinnger doesn't always win.

Diane said...

ok, I need to blog about my American Idol guilty pleasure. Love it and not ashamed to tell the world.

Maren said...

haha. gotta love paula on her cough medicine!!! hahaha. Yup American Idol is great!

Aivaz Family said...

I watched it religiously for awhile, but they lost me last season. It just wasn't fun anymore. Carrie Underwood was my favorite idol. I was obsessed that season.

Linda said...

I love American Adol, but was sad who got kicked off tonight! I won't say in case you look at your comments before you see the show!

Becky said...

Are you kidding me about the donation?

Hacking it up said...

Amen sista! There are very few things I watch on TV, but Idol is definitely one of them!!! Our whole family watches it too!
I agree about Simon...I think people are way to hard on him...He's almost ALWAYS right!! Obviously, some of these contestants don't have someone that loves them enough to save them from embarrassing themselves... Simon is their wake up call to reality.

And it is so refreshing to see them doing something good and charitable !