Wednesday, May 14, 2008

40 Isn't Old...If You're a Tree

I'm married to an old man. I am kidding, but it is sort of freaky watching Eric reach one of those milestones, knowing that I am not far behind (but for eight days he is four years older than I am--ha!). In reality Eric doesn't seem old to me at all. If you know him, then you know that he is a pretty active guy and very healthy despite a few aches and pains. I also think he is pretty hip--as far as hipness goes in the nerdy engineering world (don't worry Eric, I don't even make it on the scale as far as hip moms go--I'm pretty sure that "hip" isn't even a hip word anymore).

Moments after he went out the front door to leave for work he was back inside telling me that he was going to drive the van. That is only because MRK had shoe-polished his car! It was pretty funny. Eric, who embarrasses easily at times, had to at least remove the part that said, "I'm 40. Honk at me."

We all had a fun time celebrating Eric's birthday. That night we had had dinner at our house with the Kennedys and Ryan. For Eric's dinner he chose to have Chicken Pasta Salad (see here for the recipe), which is one of his favorites. And for his cake he wanted Washington Pie. Good choice, Eric! Yum!

We all had a fun time.

I think Eric enjoyed his gifts. Including the ones that Bentley and Haven kept bringing him from the playroom.

After the kids had settled down, we went with MRK and Natalie to see Iron Man. I give it a solid "thumbs up." It was good fun. I've never been a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan, but he gave a good performance and I liked his character's sense of humor. I think that Eric was glad we went even though it required him to stay up until after midnight on a work night.

I also want to wish my sister-in-law Lori a happy birthday. Isn't that fun that Eric and his sister share the same birthday? We hope you had a good one, Lori!


Linda said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there! Eric should have left on the "honk" one! That was funny. I'm sure MRK and Natalie had fun thinking up things to put on the car! Happy Birthday to Lori too!

Diane said...

hey, is 40 old? I will be there next year and it doesn't seem old anymore. I love the suckers. Very fun post and cute hubby. I love the recipes you post. Happy Birthday to Eric!

Jaime Stephens said...

looks like fun the big 40 huh, happy birthday.... YOu are always making yummy stuff I need to get cooking and try all these things.

Hacking it up said...

WOW! 40!!! He looks the same as always to me!
I am going to do MUCH worse to embarrass Lance when he turns 40...which is only a year and a half away! :)
Happy Birthday to Eric!!!

Britain said...

Happy Birthday to Eric! And Jenn, I definitely would consider you hip.

Savannah E said...
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Wendy said...

He doesn't look like he is 40. I love what you did to the car! Happy Birthday Eric~

erica said...

Hey Eric,
I hope you had a great birthday. It has always been fun for me to have a twin who is 7 years younger. I hope you don't mind. Happy Birthday!
Love ya, Lori

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenn for the good birthday. I had a great time and everything was perfect. Lori, I too have always enjoyed sharing the day with you. Hope you had a good one!


Becky said...

Eric is only 40? Wow I thought he ws much older.