Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The happy couple.

We were privileged to attend Eric's nephew Greg's wedding a couple of weekends ago. We had so much fun spending the day with our family. The ceremony itself was beautiful. The luncheon was so creative and fun. And the reception was one big party. Congratulations Greg and Tess!

Grace and Haven at the luncheon. The box lunch idea was fabulous and the food was so yummy.

Haven wants a cake exactly like this one at her wedding. (At the reception she said over and over, "This is so beautiful! This is so so beautiful")

Haven and Gracie dancing. Haven literally danced the night away. After a couple of hours we had to drag her from the dance floor. She wore out several cousins and her dad and eventually ended up dancing alone. Sad.

Haven and her daddy.


Here we have a live sampling of Haven dancing like a maniac (and trying to recruit Ryder). But the stars here are really our nephews Gavin and especially Colin.


Natalie said...

Haven is seriously so cute. She sure loves to dance (and sing). I am excited to see her dance performance. That video is hilarious!!

Bridget said...

Looks like a nice time with family. Love that cake!

Nicole said...

Oh my, I'm so glad that someone got those moves on tape.

It was so fun to see you guys!

Abby Murray said...

I love Collins little dance!!

Natalie Murray said...

Okay, that is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. I'm so glad you got that recorded! Collin's going to love that when he gets older.

erica said...

Oh my, that was great. Thanks for sharing the video. We need to keep that for when those boys are older and we want to really embarrass them.
We are so glad you could come.

Linda said...

What a fun post! The video was hilarious! I loved watching Haven trying to get Ryder to dance! Poor Ryder! You nephews were great! I will watch that whenever I need to laugh! I'm glad Eric's nephew got married so you had to come to Utah! It was fun seeing you all.

Jessica said...

I'm surprised those boys didn't fall into all those delicate-looking gifts that were inches away from those interesting moves. What fun little guys.

grandma kopp said...

What a daring blogg. I wish I had seen you but I did have fun in North Carolina. That Haven is the cutest little girl. She loves life and makes the most of it. I love her so much. She and Ryder were so cute. I will be happy when the fourth of July gets here. I love seeing all of you.
Your blogg is so much fun to read.
Love you all.

Britain said...

Those are some pretty fancy moves Haven has. I love the look Savannah gives the camera right before the boys start dancing.

CElison said...

Gavin wasn't half as HILARIOUS in that video as Colin was!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me that video file via email attachment!

Becky said...

Next time hand Eric the camera and let us see your moves.