Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

In the past two years we have replaced every major appliance in our almost 12 year old home (we moved in the day Sage turned one in August 1996). It started with our refrigerator approximately two years ago. Then, right after Ryder was born, our washer began to die a slow death that was ruining our clothes. And really, why replace the washer and not the dryer? Our plan was to replace the dishwasher next. It had been slacking off for a while and I suspected it was really only effective as a high heat sanitizer. But alas, when summer began last year and cold air ceased to cool us, the air conditioner needed replacing. Don't worry dishwasher! You are next! Enter my first disaster with my stylish mini-van. (See here if you don't already know what a big idiot I am.) This little "mishap" required a new rear window in the van AND a new garage door. Forward to a week or so before last Christmas when my oven stopped working. I knew it hadn't been up to par for a while, but I had learned how to adjust my cooking and I thought we had some sort of truce going on. No such luck. While searching for a new oven it seemed prudent to put our dishwasher out of its misery (finally!). And while our new stove and dishwasher would now match our fairly new refrigerator, the microwave did not. So, "Merry Christmas to us!" We completed the set.

We've enjoyed the refrigerator--it keeps our food cold. The washer is not front loading, but it is high efficiency. I love both the washer and the dryer. And we didn't think anything was wrong with our previous microwave but this one cooks even faster!

The stove is great. I especially like the bigger burner that boils water and other things more quickly and the extra small burner for sauces and the like. I also like the double oven--great for not heating up the entire kitchen. And the convection option is convenient. My favorite part of the dishwasher is that the buttons are hidden inside where little people can't start it whenever they pass by.

All seemed well. But there was one more essential appliance lurking out there--waiting for us to let down our guard. However, we were ahead of the game! Eric had been researching a tankless water heater that would be much more energy efficient than the standard. They are quite a bit more pricey than a regular water heater and I wasn't convinced that the extra expense would be worth it. But I started to think about it more seriously and decided that we really could save money over the years. And why not launch that preemptive strike by getting rid of the old water heater before it had the chance to make us sorry we hadn't?

You know what is not a fun sight? Coming home from Costco with a van full of supersized groceries only to spot a small river running out of your garage and down the driveway. I didn't know that a water heater (and one which I think we have treated fairly well over the years) could be so vindictive. Of course I was panicking because I hadn't a clue how to turn off the water and Eric wasn't answering my phone call. And this was really not the ideal time for a garage flood (if there is one) because we had recently emptied boxes out of our storage unit and also had stacks of wood flooring for Sage's room in boxes on the garage floor. I did my best to move things that weren't yet ruined to dry spots in the garage while waiting for Eric to return my call. I eventually got in touch with Eric and I now know how to turn off the water--something I should have known before. So we now have a new water heater, which my ever-handy husband installed last night with MRK's help (thanks again, MRK). We could not get the tankless one we wanted because you have to order it ahead of time. But we did get one that is more energy efficient than the last one. Hopefully we are set for a while as far as replacing large ticket items. I'll end now so that I can go knock on some wood.


Erin said...

Oh man! It sounds like you guys have had quite the run of bad luck! Well, at least now all the new stuff come with warranties.:)

And FYI- Last July, my niece opened the back of my van just as I hit the button to open the garage door. The van door somehow managed to become wedged against the garage door and wouldn't budge either way. I finally managed to get it loose, but it left a nice gouge out of the paint on the rear door. So, it's not just you, LOL!

Linda said...

Oh Jenn, what would you do if you had a "normal" day?!(by the way, what does normal mean?) I hope and pray you guys are good to go for awhile! You deserve a rest.
Hang in there, love ya.


Diane said...

ooo la la. I love the new appliances. Ok, so the price tags aren't so fun, but how nice to get some new updates.
I have to say you all ran into some crummy luck.

Jaime Stephens said...

oh wow I love all the new buys very nice!! I can't believe you have been in vegas for that long I swear 12 years ago I was sleeping over at your house and you were there not married.. Hmmm time flies. Happy mothers day to you and your mom Linda is the best! I love that picture very cute!

Natalie said...

You sure got some killer appliances out of the deal. I will keep my fingers crossed that you will be problem free for at least a week.

Chris and Karen said...

I know the hot water feeling. Last summer I woke up looked on our back porch and though wow we must have had a hug rain. needless to say that should have been my first clue. Long story short It was flooding the man below us and our water nobs did not work so I could not turn off the water. Such nice neighbors we are.
We also really want to someday get the new facny hot water heater. maybe when we own a house! hahaha

Becky said...

Dave keeps saying that we will have to replace our water heater soon, so I guess I can expect to see a river tomorrow?