Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who Would've Thought?

Your Thinking is Abstract and Sequential

You like to do research and collect lots of information.

The more facts you have, the easier it is for you to learn.

You need to figure things out for yourself and consider all possibilities.

You tend to become an expert in the subjects that you study.

It's difficult for you to work with people who know less than you do.

You aren't a very patient teacher, and you don't like convincing people that you're right.

--I typically do too much research and end up overwhelmed and unproductive.
--I prefer being told what is what instead of figuring things out for myself.
--I'm an expert in zero subjects (okay--maybe ice, but sadly we ice experts aren't in demand).
--It's hard to find people who know less than I do.
--I do like to convince people I am right (I may be an expert at this as well--trying to convince people, not necessarily being right).

--I am not a patient teacher.

Maybe I would have done better on this quiz if I had collected more information first.


Linda said...

Interesting quiz! I don't know if that really describes you though! I'll have to take it and see what mine would say, it would probably say I need to go back to school and get some education!

Chris and Karen said...

Wow I really like all that you know on Ice. I love Ice but have not made a study of it as you have. I just take your word on where the best ice is. And yes you know a lot more than others nice try. You can't read all those books and not know anything

Aivaz Family said...

You are so funny. I am not a patient teacher either, and I am pretty sure a know alot less than you.

Anonymous said...

Being an ice expert is important. Did you know that people who crave ice are often anemic? Run that past your Doc the next time you see him or her. And you are one of the most intelligent people I know. So there!

Natalie said...

You are very smart. I go to you whenever I am in need of an answer to a question. I don't know what you are talking about when you say that you like to argue with people that you are right. That have never happened. Just kidding. I love you.

Katrina said...
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Katrina said...

I don't think this test is completely accurate, here is what it had to say about me:
Your Thinking is Concrete and Random
(Okay, first off how can your thinking be both concrete and random? Don't they kind of contradict each other?)

You are naturally inquisitive and curious. (eh, this is probably true)
You're excited by new ideas(also true), and you are a true independent thinker. (not so sure about that)

You are interested in what is possible. You like the process of discovery.
You are often experimenting(um, if you consider experimenting with food to be "often experimenting" then this could be true), challenging old ideas, and inventing new concepts.

Rules, restrictions, and limit don't really work for you.
You have to do things your own way, and you can't be bothered to explain yourself.

Becky said...

I THINK it is a stupid quiz.