Thursday, August 28, 2008

4th of July Weekend Part 1

oEvery 4th of July (which we almost always spend in Utah) we wander to downtown Provo to see what is up at the Art's Festival. Nowadays they just have a lot of booths set up selling all kinds of stuff--usually the same stuff every year. And then there are the food booths, the performance stage (where my sister-in-law usually performs with her dance group), and the highlight--shaved ice. When I was a kid it was a full blown carnival that closed off streets and wasn't to be missed. And I usually didn't. But now we usually meet my dad there for lunch or dinner and walk around with the kids for a while. We usually end up buying them some "souvenir." In our house "souvenir" usually translates as "some piece of crap we MUST buy because we somehow have it in our heads that we have to buy something everywhere we go while on vacation whether we really want it or not."

What a great time it was when we came home with some beauties like these. The strings had completely tangled by the time we got home and there was red and yellow furry stuff shedding all over everything.

As I said, it's pretty typical to find the same things there every year. The hair bows are updated or they have the very latest in scrapbooking supplies, but other than that, it's more of the same. This year I tried some food from a little Peruvian booth. It was pretty yummy. I usually go with the Navajo taco because, when else can you eat a Navajo taco? And of course I love a shaved ice. I usually get Tiger's Blood because it's good--but why is it called Tiger's Blood? I don't get it. It's kind of nice, though, these days the shaved ice places let you put on your own flavoring. I like that because it's more about the ice for me than the flavor. I want mostly ice with just a little flavor. I hate it when they soak those things! And while I'm on the subject, why don't we have any shaved ice places here in Vegas? It's so bizarre. It seems like they would do well at least 10 months of the year. I remember going to a frozen yogurt place years ago here in town. When we went in I noticed that they had shaved ice on the menu. Of course that is what I wanted to order. When I told the girl what I wanted she said, "Oh. We don't have shaved ice right now." I asked, "Why?" She replied--rather rudely, "Umm. It's like the middle of the winter. It's way too cold for shaved ice." Now, granted, it was January and might have been a chilly 50 degrees or something, but we were in a FROZEN yogurt store! I just couldn't quite follow that logic.

This year, however, my dad pointed out a new booth to us. The company is called Haven Empire and they sell t-shirts and hats and stuff. All of which say HAVEN on them. They are really cool shirts so we all got one (yeah! for once our souvenirs were nice and practical). Eric's is my favorite and he gets compliments on it every time he wears it. You can check them out here. Pictured are samples of what we bought. Haven and Bentley also got a shirt but I can't find any pictures of the children's t-shirts on their web site.
Eric's t-shirt.

How about a picture of Eric actually modeling the shirt? And Savannah in her Larsen's Frostop t-shirt (she loves it when I take her picture).

Sage's shirt.
Savannah's shirt.

If you're up for it stay tuned for some more 4th of July fun as I back-track (in no particular order) to catch up on family fun about which I haven't yet posted.


Jenifer Pullman said...

Hey. My mom actually bought a piece of ART at the Arts Festival a couple of years ago. Hung it in her bedroom. It's gorgeous. And guess what? We also got some of those AwESoMe marrionette puppets! (They are going in the DI box - today). And one more thing; one time when I took my kids to the Llama Festival at the Hari Krishna temple in Salem, we all got so hot that little Max got heatstroke and so I bought him a HUGE tiger's blood shaved ice to make up for it? You have never in your life seen a kid puke up so much tiger's blood shaved ice. Can't help but remember, every time anyone mentions tiger's blood shaved ice.....

Aivaz Family said...

A few things. First, I heart art festivals. The one is St. george sounds just like that one. Second, I always get a navajo taco. Third, I always get the Tigers Blood Shaved ice. We are kindred spirits. Seriously. Also, I HEART Larsens Frosttop!!! Matter of fact, we are going to St. George this weekend and like an idiot I started my cleanse, so there will be no fry sauce for this gal. Boo.

Staci Hill said...

How come you didn't let Sage get the tube top?

Staci Hill said...

Woops! replied too quickly.

The only thing I remember buying at the Provo Arts Fest (which I also went to every year) was one of those ducks on a roller whose feet would flap as it waddled along. We used it to chase our dog around the house.