Wednesday, September 3, 2008

4th of July Weekend Part 3

We had so much fun at the Murray's house doing fireworks with the Elison family. It was so great just to sit around and visit with everyone. Afterwards we went back to my mom's house to finish the firework fun there.

Where does Eric come up with all his fun ideas that often a trip to Home Depot, duct tape and may also include blowing something up? We can thank our physics teacher niece Nicole this time for putting this idea in his head. Eric spent a chunk of time building a rocket launcher with Jim as his accomplice. I have to admit we did get a lot of fun mileage out of it. He left that one in Utah and built a different version here at home. The kids always have a blast on grandma and grandpa's swings. We also celebrated MRK's birthday with some cheesecake. Yum! It was great to see Jim and Amy and their kids and Missy and her honey as well as Melanie, Michael and their boys. Another highlight of the trip was seeing our good friend Diane Davis Nelson and her good looking boys who were visiting from Ohio.

This now concludes the Elison 4th of July weekend 2008. Finally!

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Linda said...

Fun times for sure! Let's do it all again!