Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Goodies

The kids made their own spook alley. I can only show you the outside--the inside was much too scary.
Here are the kids getting ready for our ward's Trunk or Treat (or Trunker Treater--as Haven calls it). Savannah is a redneck, in case you can't tell. Sage is Alice in Wonderland, Haven is a mean witch (it's hard to tell with all the smiling) and Ryder was supposed to be a dog. I bought him a dog costume about 4 weeks ago in a size 2-3T. Eric tried to get him into that small thing, but to no avail. Thank goodness I already had that , "I Love My Mummy" t-shirt.

Bentley as Bumble Bee and Tanner as Yoda.

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And then we have everyone as Yoda. I'm not sure why this was so funny. But, as you can tell, Ryder thought it was hilarious--unless he was forced to wear it.

Then came the actual "trunk" part of the night. Ryder was amazed that he could take his bucket around and people would put candy in it.

Grandma and grandpa Easley and grandma Kopp were in town. They brought pumpkins. Yeah! The carving portion turned out okay. Savannah did pretty well portraying a cannibalistic pumpkin. Sage attempted to help Ryder. I think the efforts nearly ended there and we actually had one left uncarved.

And what is Halloween without a trip to the germ-infested Pumpkin Patch? I just had to shove my anxiety aside and let my kids ride and jump on the glorified carnival rides. I can't deny that they had a complete blast, though. We went with the Kennedy boys and the Lindquist boys. And gratefully I didn't have to buy any of the overprice gourds, thanks to grandma and grandpa Easley.

The swings were probably a highlight for my kids who were able to ride twice. Of course, Ryder liked the train as well. Good times.


Linda said...

Cute pictures! They did a great job carving their pumpkins. It was a fantastic weekend for sure!

Love you all!

Natalie said...

Thanks for all the fun!! A special thanks to Savannah for making me laugh. Everytime I would look over at her I would crack up. Haven is the cutest witch I have ever seen. Sage, by far the best Alice. I saw another Alice on Halloween and I wanted to say "just go home. You're embarrassing yourself. Have you seen Sage?" Anyway, I love all the pictures.

Britain said...

Fun Halloween this year. I am loving the Yoda pictures.

Tina Clark said...

Oh My Gosh - Savannah your costume is hilarious!!!! That is so funny! All of you guys look great! Still sad we don't live closer!

Hacking it up said...

What a fun Halloween! I love the kids costumes!!...and I am totally with you on the germ-infested pumpkin patch/petting zoo thing...been there, done that ...too many times... :)