Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween in Disneyland--Day 1

Well. It started like this: Savannah had been invited to go to Disneyland this past weekend with a friend. Sage was sad. I was actually a little sad for Sage (I think Savannah has been to Disneyland 4 times in the past year--3 without Sage). About 5 days before Savannah planned to leave I started to think that maybe we should all just go. That idea sort of took hold and wouldn't let go (I'm a big fan of the big "D" myself). Eric was even partly agreed. The only (well, the main) problem was that Eric was suddenly slammed at work. He had several things that had to be completed in order to take Friday off work (the kids were already out of school as it was Nevada Day). Thursday afternoon around 2:00 he gave us the go-ahead. Things got crazy as I scrambled to pack and make the necessary arrangements. By 6:00 the next morning we were off.

I'm ashamed to say that I probably took more pictures over a one hour period at the Pumpkin Patch than I did during 3 days at Disneyland. But it's hard to snap photos when you are having fun and/or trying to make sure your children don't wander off. However, we did get a few.

With Sage and the two little people in tow we headed off to Fantasy Land. We started off with the teacups and Alice in Wonderland. We then hit Mr. Toad, the Carousel, and Dumbo. Eric had grabbed some fast passes for Space Mountain so we went off to Tomorrow Land. Haven is now 40 inches and so qualifies for most of the "big" rides. Her first was Star Tours--which she loved. We also had fun on the rocket ride and Astro Blasters. While Sage and Eric went off to Space Mountain, I decided to maximize our time by taking a Tinkerbell clad Haven to Pixie Hollow (for those of you who don't know, Tinkerbell and her fellow fairies kicked Ariel out of her grotto and built Pixie Hollow).

While we waited in line for an hour, there were a lot of things to look at: cute little fairy houses and a flowers and all kinds of other details. Ryder entertained himself with the chains that can be found in nearly every line (and he played with them in every line as well). I sent Eric and Sage off the use the other Space Mountain tickets as it was clear we would be hanging in Pixie Hollow for a while.

Haven thoroughly enjoyed meeting Rosetta (her favorite fairy besides Tinkerbell) and Iridessa. Oddly enough Ryder was not interested in either.

We had been warned upon entering the line that Tinkerbell would most likely be gone by the time we reached the end. Happily, she was still there. She was really cute with Haven. It may have been a long line, but it was worth it to see how excited she was. And of course, you exit Pixie Hollow through a selection of fairy products. Despite saying this was a "no souvenir" vacation, I caved and bought Haven a Rosetta fairy.

After our fairy experience we took the kids on Autopia. Ryder rode with me and I can tell you that he was giddy! (Despite the fact that he initially had a small fit because our car was not blue.) He giggled the whole time and would occasionally turn and hug me. I think Haven had an equally fun time and Sage was very agreeable even though we had her stuck in the kiddy realm most of the day. Haven did take a little ride on one of my favorites: Big Thunder Mountain. I'm sad to say that it did not become one of hers. We also headed over to Pirates and Jungle Cruise and a few other places. By about 6:00 we were tired and hungry. We at at Tortilla Joes on Downtown Disney. The kids were exhausted and I think we were too. Afterwards we limped back to our hotel to get rested up for the next day.

This is how our day ended. Ryder fell asleep on the way to dinner and was held by either me or Eric throughout. Haven managed to take a few bites before falling asleep on the chair. I found myself wishing that Disneyland was magical enough that we could magically find ourselves back in our hotel room. No such luck.

Other tidbits:
- Ryder was obsessed with letters the whole day. He pointed them out almost wherever we went. There were a lot of EXIT signs at his level and he just had to point them out.

- As previously mentioned, Ryder was a tad distressed whenever he didn't get to ride in things colored blue. He would settle for purple, but that wasn't always an option.

- Haven said, "Disneyland is the best place to be," over and over and over.

- The churros tasted better than ever.

- Sage very sweetly let her little brother and sister rule the day.

- We did manage to run into Savannah a few times during the day. She was having a great time without us.

- It was a day without any major mishaps. Yay!


Aivaz Family said...

You are such a fun mom!! I bet your kids had a blast. I love you.

Bridget said...

Great post. It felt like I was able to experience the Disneyland fun for a little bit!

Linda said...

How fun! Wish I could have been there. I love Disneyland! I'm glad you were all able to go!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like fun! I always heard Nevada day was the day to go because the crowds were smaller. I guess that's not the case anymore now that we "observe" Nevada day on a Friday or Monday. It looks like you all had a great time.

Lydia said...

This got me so excited for Disneyland. We'll be there in less than two weeks!!! I LOVE Disneyland and can never get enough of it!

Jaime Stephens said...

How fun I am glad you guys could go I love the pictures it looks like a blast!

Natalie said...

Awesome pictures!! I am so glad you guys had a good time. We want to go with you next time.

easleyfamily said...

So fun!! Pixie hollow was being built while we were there so we never saw it! Looks like fun for little girls!!! We need to plan a big trip all together!!

Anonymous said...

How do you create the awesome picture collages? You're so talented!