Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haven Conversation - Part 2

I suppose carpooling the girls to their Monday lessons can now be known as, "time to abuse mom," by Haven. Today's little conversation:

(Ryder is making some sort of loud protest to we don't know what since not one of use is fluent in his language. Haven decides to interpret.)

Haven: Mom. Ryder is saying that he wants you to stop singing.

Mom: No he isn't!

Haven: Yes he is.

Mom: Ryder, do you want mommy to stop singing?

Ryder: Yes! (There is no mistaking his very enunciated "yes.")

Haven: Ha, ha! I told you! Ryder wants you to stop and so do I.

Why is everyone against me?


Sarah Goodsell said...

That is SO funny! She's pretty cute:) Seriously Jenn she is SO beautiful:) and reminds me so much of how I remember Savannah looking.

Jaime Stephens said...

haha kids are hillarious and I love that picture it is darling

Brooke said...

How about if those are the cutest tights I have ever seen? Um, she is really funny. I kind of want to ride along on some of your errands just to experience the Havenisms.

Aivaz Family said...

I love it. Just love it.

Linda said...

Oh man! You have a lovely voice! Maybe you should get them some ear plugs to put in when you sing! They are funny for sure!

Diane said...

Very funny! I love the picture of Haven on the steps.

Doug and Jessica said...

I love this, seriously, and your previous Haven conversation post? I laughed out loud!

Natalie said...

Keep singing Jenn!!

Britain said...

Those little stinkers. I agree with those who say to just keep singing.