Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Very Quick Trip to St. George (Another Episode of Catch-Up)

A couple of months ago we were happy to find that Eric's brother Kip and his family, as well as his mom and dad (and Diana's mom) would be spending the weekend at a condo in St. George. We had some plans in the early evening on Saturday that we couldn't break, but we decided to make the trip up there for lunch and swimming. I'm not sure why I didn't pull the camera out a little more. It ends up looking like we were at a diving expedition for Ryder. I'll try to fill in the blanks with narrative.

We were so excited to see everyone. They were in a huge condo in the Green Valley area. It was fun to sit around and chat as we worked on getting lunch ready. In true Ryder form, he did not want to leave my side. At first. I really need to remember that once he gets over his initial shyness, he is pretty adventurous. He finally ventured outside where Gracie and Haven were playing. There was a sliding glass door leading to a patio. Beyond the patio was a grassy courtyard of sorts leading to the pool and other areas of the complex. Just before we sat down to say a prayer before eating I checked on Ryder. He was sitting on one of the chairs on the patio and I was thinking that it might be a good spot for Mr. Messy to eat. Well, during the prayer I noticed Savannah trying to talk to me. And of course I gave her the evil-eye and shushed her. But she wouldn't shush. As soon as the prayer was over she said that she heard some people walking by asking if anyone was missing a little boy. I went sick inside. It only took seconds for us to verify that Ryder was missing. I sent Eric running after the people who were walking the complex making inquiries. When Eric returned he said that Ryder had been sitting calmly on a couch playing with his magna doodle. But he was very relieved and happy to see Eric. And he wouldn't let go of me once I snatched him from Eric. Where did they find him you ask? IN THE PARKING LOT!!! I still get queasy every time I think about it. Bad mommy!

That experience may account for the fact that most of my pictures that day were of Ryder. I don't think I took my eyes off him the rest of the day. We had a very yummy lunch (once I got my appetite back). We had picked up these really delicious pies from that gourmet pie shop in St. George that I can never remember the name of. Then the kids did a little swimming and, before we knew it, it was time to head back home for a birthday party and a big family hair cutting fest.

Gracie and Haven and their little stuffed animal display of which they insisted I take a picture.

The kids love to swim.

Ryder did not appreciate the life jacket experience. It came off quickly. Gracie was like a little fish.

Ryder wanted to jump to Eric over and over again.

Gracie in action.

Are you tired of seeing pictures of Ryder jumping into the water? Neither am I.


Chris and Karen said...

love the haven stories and I know how you feel about Ryder, Jeffrey disappered durring church it took 10 min to find him. Thanks for keeping up the milk consumption for me I don't want any of the cows out there to feel bad because The milk demand has dropped.

Jill said...

I know the feeling of not knowing where your child is. It's a bad knot that twists and turns in your stomach along with a feeling of shear panic! We lost Jeffrey in a condo complex at Bear Lake when he was a toddler. While we thought he was in the bedroom watching a movie with all the cousins, he was left in the parking lot and wondered off. For about 45 minutes he was waiting out on the lawn with a very nice family. They had found him wondering alone in the dark and knew that eventually someone would come looking for him. It was less than 5 minutes from the time we discovered him missing to my brother in law finding him. It was the longest 5 min. of my life. This happened during the same summer has the liz smart abduction, so I was just a mess! I'll never forget it and Jeffrey still talks about it. I'm happy all it well and that you had a fun weekend. Jill

Natalie said...

I love pictures Ryder jumping in the water. They are my favorite. I'm glad you guys had a nice little trip. I want to try some of that pie you were talking about. Sounds delicious.

Aivaz Family said...

I think you are talking about Frontier Pies, no? That place is the stuff! Also, sorry about almost losing your kid. I am a total spaz when we are in public. She is not allowed to not hold my hand even for a second.

Linda said...

So cute! What a little daredevil! I'm so glad you found that little guy! Remember when we lost Erik after the 4th of July parade? Then when I lost Matt at the university mall after Santa and his reindeer arrived! And I can't leave out when we left you at a school on the 4th of July when we decided that we needed to head to another spot for the fireworks. Talk about a bad mommy!

love ya!