Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Elison Christmas Tree

We have had such a busy December. It seems that there has rarely been a night where we didn't have to be somewhere or do something. In an effort to catch up, I'll report on one of our first activities of the month: decorating the tree.

Here we are getting ready to decorate the tree. Before we do, the kids get to open up a gift containing two new ornaments.

Each child is working on a Hallmark series. Ryder's series is Santa in different vehicles made from candy. Haven has a fairy series. Sage is about 10 years into the Madam Alexander doll ornaments. And Savannah finished off her second series this year with a bear and mouse participating in various winter activities. They also get an ornament that represents their interests during the past year. Savannah: a cello; Sage: Tinkerbell; Haven: Sleeping Beauty; and Ryder: Thomas the Train--they didn't have any Word World ornaments. The past two years Eric has received ornaments from A Christmas Story. It was the leg lamp this year. I sort of participate by picking up the Winnie the Pooh book ornament each year. My mom also sent me a new Hallmark series with Santa as a nutcracker. Very cute! But our tree is mostly comprised of ornaments from a family ornament exchange that we did with Eric's family for years. And we typically pick up an ornament when we go on vacations. We love our tree!

The semi-finished product. I still needed to make a few adjustments once the little kids went to bed--not every ornament can go on the bottom branch.


Natalie said...

I love your tree! You have so many neat ornaments. My favorite this year is definitely the Christmas Story leg lamp.

Becky said...

I miss having all of my kids when it is time to decorate the tree! I have to do it myself now. The rest of the time I am glad they are gone!

Linda said...

You have a beautiful tree, I love it! To bad you already took it down!