Monday, December 29, 2008


Let's begin with Christmas Eve:

We have many Christmas traditions. Some are keepers and others come and go. Many years ago we began watching the Church's film version of Luke II. The simplicity and beauty of this production is an impressive way to begin the festivities. We are reminded of the Savior's humble birth and the reason we are celebrating.

Here we have the traditional opening of the Christmas Eve jammies. Haven and Sage were excited to find that they received matching jammies. Ryder wasn't too sure about what we were doing. He got the hang of it quickly enough. (I think he was a bit torn by the fact that I'd been telling him to stay away from the presents for the better part of a month and now suddenly said it was okay to open one.)

We also open one other present that is under the tree. It is usually from a sibling. Haven opened her gift from Ryder: some Fancy Nancy shoes and a stuffed Lil' Pet Shop Butterfly. Ryder opened a gift from Savannah: Legos. Savannah opened a gift from Ryder and Haven: a remote control car. And Sage (no picture--I don't know what I was thinking, Sage!) opened a gift of clothes from Ryder.

First off: the pickle ornament search. Sage found it this year! I actually believe she went into it half-hearted this year because Savannah usually finds it. But once she got serious, she spotted it. The $10.00 prize was finally hers! I'm sure Ryder was wondering why they girls were studying the tree when there were presents to be opened. And poor Haven really thought she stood a chance! Next year we might have to add a second pickle for the little people only to search for.

Some Rydster info:
- He loved his new bike (which was really an afterthought!).
- The Word World toys were a big hit.
- He rode his new bike around the house almost the whole day (when he wasn't sleeping or watching Wall-E), and piled his toys into the bin on the back of his bike.
- He mainly ate candy for every meal.
- Wanted to watch Wall-E constantly.

Stuff about Haven bo baven:
- She was very "helpful" and willing to open everyone's presents whether they needed the help or not.
- She loved all her presents and named almost all of them as her "favorite" at different times during the day.
- Told Uncle MRK (after he gave her a gift of a dress--which he usually does), "It's beautiful. But I already have a Christmas dress."
- Still refuses to try Eggs Benedict and told me that eggs make our house smell rotten.
- Was so happy to finally own a copy of Wall-E. (Which we watched no less than four times on Christmas day.)
- Only threw one really big tantrum when told she had to get in her jammies that night.
- She played with her toys ALL DAY. She didn't stop for a nap or meals, and she stayed up until almost 1:00 in the morning STILL playing.

Notes on Sagie:
- She's been saving and saving for a laptop. Santa kicked in the rest of the money and surprised her for Christmas.
- She spent the entire day in front of her computer.
- The biggest bonus? The computer camera. She played with photo manipulating software for hours.

- If she wasn't surprised about her iTouch, she is a good faker. She had a perm-a-grin all day long.
- She didn't waste anytime loading it up with music, movies and games.
- Her Zune got kicked to the curb (actually, given to Sage) without a second thought.
- She left for Utah Christmas night with Natalie and MRK (the roads were so bad that the roads were closed at Beaver and they had to get a motel room).

A few of my very favorite photos of the day:

The Christmas Day nap.

Exhausted after a fun-filled day.

Can you just feel the happiness?

I love that Savannah is so obviously excited for Sage.

Savannah and Sage begin each Christmas morning by unwrapping all the items in their stocking first. It's fun to watch that anticipation build as they calmly unwrap candy and chapstick and other semi-boring stuff.

This is one of my favorite pictures taken on Christmas night. Why? We took down the Christmas tree!!! I am so excited. I always dread going home after a week in Utah knowing that we have to take down that tree. It's so nice to know that--other messes aside--we don't have to worry about putting away Christmas stuff.

A few other comments on Christmas:

- I got a new lens for my camera! I'm so excited. Thank you Eric.
- After receiving my new lens, I took very few pictures that day. I was too busy with other stuff. (I have since taken hundreds.)
- Eric got a surround sound system for our television. Thank you again, Eric, for wanting a gift that benefits the whole family.
- I forgot to take pictures once Natalie, MRK and kids and Ryan arrived for breakfast. Probably because I was busy making Eggs Benedict.
- The Eggs Benedict was pretty darn good--even though I have no pictures documenting the yummy stuff.
- In Young Womens the girls had to state what their favorite Christmas tradition is. Sage said Eggs Benedict. Savannah said that she loves that Santa leaves a wrapped book at the end of their bed that they can read until everyone is awake Christmas morning. (Santa almost abandoned this tradition this year!)
- It was a wonderful, wonderful day. I'm quoting Eric here.

We are grateful for any opportunity to ponder the blessings we enjoy and the example and sacrifice the Savior has been in our lives. We love and appreciate our family and friends and hope that we express that. We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


Eliza said...

Your family is so cute. I loved all of the pictures and the commentary. What a good mom you are.

Linda said...

What a fun Christmas! (the best part was coming to Utah, right?!) It's so fun to have family visit. I love all your pictures (to bad someone didn't take any pictures while you were getting breakfast ready!)

Love you guys!

Wendy said...

It's so fun to read about your traditions! I love the picture of Savanah and Sage, you're right, she looks so happy for her. Also love the idea of a book at the end of the bed! That would keep mine in bed a little longer. Glad you had a great day.

Aivaz Family said...

You are so fun. Love the book idea. I am soo stealing that next year! I love your cute face.

Jessica said...

You are all spoiled.

Can I come over next Christmas? No- seriously, though.