Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December Excitement Part One

It is hard to believe that we've arrived on the doorstep of another Christmas. Wasn't Christmas 2007 just a few days ago? We've had a crazily busy December. It seems that in years past most activities were concentrated in the first couple of weeks in December, and that the latter part was relatively relaxing. Not this year! And we still didn't get to do several things we had planned. And so, Part One of this Christmas Season's (previously unblogged) activities:

Savannah's orchestra concert was enjoyable--mostly. Don't worry. Savannah agrees. She is in an easy (and unchallenging) class. This fact puts her in first chair (although at the concert people just sat wherever they wanted), but is not motivating at all. But her class needs some good musicians and it is helpful for them to have her in there. She will stay in there for the remainder of the year, but will also participate with another more advanced class as well. Savannah did an amazing job at her concert. I love to listen to her playing the cello.

Haven had such a great time at her dance recital. The Christmas recital is a little more laid back that the summer recital. She just had to wear something festive and didn't have to worry about a costume. She is a great little dancer and we had a fun time.

Sage's orchestra concert was excellent. Her director puts on a very professional concert. The advanced orchestra (Sage's group) was really amazing. Both concerts had an extra bonus--no little kids! We had a babysitter both nights and it was well worth it.

My nephew Tanner turned three this month. We had a great time at his Wall-E themed party. He is such a fun kid.

Well, we didn't win the contest, but we had a great time building the house. It was a lot of fun. I don't believe Eric and I have ever attempted anything like this before. I think we worked quite well together (he would probably say that I was bossy). Maybe next year we'll be winners.

Haven was more than a little upset that her mom and dad were putting a gingerbread house together and she wasn't. We compromised with some (pre-made and boxed) gingerbread cookies. The kids had a blast decorating the cookies. The big girls supervised and took pictures for us.

Stay tuned for the remainder of Elison Christmas activities worth documenting. It might even include a list of "Stupid Things Jennifer did During December." (But keep in mind that there are several doubly stupid things that won't make the list.)

Merry Christmas!


Brooke said...

I freaking love you, and your amazing blogging abilities. Thank you for the hot chocolate!! I lost my phone the day you brought it, so I couldn't call you that second and tell you how much I wanted to kiss your face off. You are so nice, and so hot, and so.. soo... everything! Merry Christmas to you and your family that I freaking LOVE so much!!

P.S. Due to some technical errors, and a disqualification... you actually DID win the contest!! Yours was the BEST.

Sage said...

Great... A picture of me eating. Fabulous. At least the picture's really small.

Jenifer Pullman said...

December is a crazy month, for sure. Fun to hear about all of your activities. I am so jealous that you get to listen to Savannah play the cello on a regular basis. My favorite instrument. We had a cello play along with the ward choir for the Christmas program and it made me cry. Not good, since I was one of the singers!!

Linda said...

It was a busy month for you but looks like a lot of fun. Wish we were closer to see the girls perform and to babysit! Can't wait to see you all.

Wendy said...

What beautiful and taleted your girls are! And, I love the gingerbread house. I never attempt anything but the kit and even then, it usually doesn't turn out! Great work. Hope you had a great Christmas.

~Michelle Schafer said...

I just love all the pictures that you have on your blog!!! How do you get the little collage thing on there!?! Why have I not seen ONE picture of you? (Except with the devil horns and mustache on facebook, very funny!)

I would love a violin and cello player at my house!! Lucky!

I love your gingerbread house! Did you have to bake it yourself or does someone do it for the group?