Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Excitement Part Two (Before it's Over)

And so we continue with the pre-Christmas fun...

Haven and Bentley's pre-school class performed holiday songs at an assisted care center. I wish I had some better pictures, but I did get a lot of good video. They looked so cute in their elves hats and did such a great job singing.

These are some photos that Eric took a couple of days after our big snowstorm.

We had a really fun visit with the Clark family. They were going to come to our house, but poor Calvin broke his collarbone the night before. Poor little thing. The kids all ate pizza while Eric, Tina, Dan and I went out for lunch. When we got back we had fun exchanging gifts.

We always have fun with the Clarks and look forward to every chance we get to see them.

Our ward party was a great success. They had a lovely program in the chapel before we all sat down to eat. The cultural hall was amazingly decorated like a log cabin. None of our pictures do it justice. Every square inch of the walls was covered and lights hung from the ceiling. It was so well done. The kids also had a little visit with Santa.

Partly because we have annual passes for Springs Preserve, I wanted to make sure we made it there for the Christmas display. It was really fun. We began by listening to a string quartet, and then went to a little craft room where the kids made ornaments from recycled CDs.

We saw Santa from a distance, but decided that the kids had sat on his lap enough this season. But Haven and Ryder did take a little rest in his sleigh.

The met a snowman and a reindeer.

There are some very amazing cactuses in the garden section that we have never made it to in the daylight.
We had a lot of fun walking around and checking everything out. Ryder, of course, had one of his signature tantrums while we were there, but mostly we had an enjoyable evening.

And here you have it--the (condensed) list of dumb things Jennifer did during the month of December. (I may have to ammend it as people remind me of dumb things I missed.)

1. I left my purse in a shopping cart in the Kohl's parking lot. Luckily I realized it before reaching home, turned around and sped back, found my purse in the same cart in the same spot where I had left it.

2. I ordered my Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving. I received them 5 days later. It took me quite a while to re-type everyone's address into my computer (so I can lazily put labels on envelopes). I then realized, upon printing out the labels, I had not ordered enough cards. So I ordered more cards. I FINALLY began labeling and stamping envelopes the week of Christmas. Then lost about 50 stamps half-way through. I mailed many cards the Monday before Christmas, but I didn't want to buy MORE stamps so I kept looking. I finally gave in the day after Christmas and bought more stamps and sent the rest. Almost. I still have several that Savannah ruined when she put the label on the envelope that I need to hand write. And by the way, Eric found the rest of the stamps while packing the car for Utah. (So this one contains many stupid things--what can I say?)

3. For some reason I thought it would be a great idea to make pull-taffy for our neighbors for Christmas. That was really dumb. Instead we gave out yummy popcorn (thank you, Tawnya!).

4. My poor planning was in full force as I bought, returned, and the re-purchased several items.

5. I forgot to give or do or show up for several things or people. You know who you are and I'm so sorry.


Aivaz Family said...

You know what I love? You are completely honest about the things you do that are absentminded (I will not say dumb--you are far from that). Having just lost my wallet a week ago (but got it back!), I can sympathize. We get busy, thats all. I love you.

Linda said...

You are brave to say all the things that you "kind of" messed up on. You won't find me ratting on myself with the silly things I did or didn't do!

You're the best and I love ya!

Cute pictures!