Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zoo Lights

Haven has some great ideas. She has been pleading for quite some time to go to a zoo. Because Vegas lacks what we might consider a "real" zoo, we decided to make Hogle Zoo a stop on our Thanksgiving visit to Utah. While investigating times, prices, etc., I discovered something called Zoo Lights. It opened the Saturday following Thanksgiving and sounded like a lot of fun. And it was! I think we saw a total of three animals (not counting some reptiles and a few smaller animals), but the lights and the carousel more than made up for it--especially in the little peoples' eyes.

They didn't skimp on the lights. They were really everywhere. A lot of them were mechanical and had moving parts. And we bought some fancy 3D type glasses that made the lights appear as if they were snowmen. It was a cool effect.

It was a bit chilly and we even had a little rain, but everyone was pretty agreeable. Did I say everyone? Okay, everyone except Ryder. You'll have to pardon me if every upcoming post mentions some sort of horrific tantrum(s) on Ryder's part. I mean, whoa! I'm shocked he didn't wake up all of those sleeping animals.

It was fun just to be together.

Haven asked if she could eat this gingerbread house. I told her she could if she wanted a big shock and to end up in the hospital. She decided against it. Smart girl.

Almost everyone loved the carousel. Even Ryder. Natalie, however, was a little stressed. She thought we had abandoned her purse in order to take pictures of the kids. It's very difficult to convey accurate messages to someone on a carousel. I think the zebra was Haven's third choice, but she took it well. We weren't willing to plunk down anymore money just so she could ride on the panda.

The small animal building was a hit because we could actually see the animals and many of them were awake. It smelled like a zoo in there, but the kids really enjoyed see the various smaller animals and reptiles.

It's amazing how brave kids can be when there is a sheet of glass between them and potentially deadly animals.

And here is the whole gang: Ryan; our family; Natalie, MRK and their family; mom and Jim; Jim and Amy and their kids, and Matt, Jessica and their kids. All in all I would say we had a pretty good time. We ended the night with a deep fried s'more. Yum! Of course Haven said she wants to go back again when the animals aren't asleep. And we left without making one of those waxy animals. So I'm guessing that we have another trip to the zoo in our future.


Savannah E said...

that was fun. you are fun, i want a waxy animal. why did we leave so fast? oh well i love you. call cowtown guitars please. i want my baby back.

Linda said...

We sure did have a good time. I loved the deep fried s'more! Yummy. I love all the pictures!!

Natalie said...

That was so much fun. Thanks for adding the part about me stressing out on the carousel. That's really cute of you. Also, remember when my kids hands were icicles so being the good mother that I am bought two pairs of what I thought were the only gloves they sold for $40? And the best part was when I ripped the tags off, put them on my kids only to have you say "why did you buy gloves? I have two extra pairs." That was hilarious.
Santa's beard is really creepy looking and those deep fried smores were heaven in my mouth. Thank you Jenn for planning this. We had a great time.

Chris and Karen said...

Deep fried smores? do I really want to know. They sound wonderful

Bridget said...

My mother-in-law has worked at Hogle Zoo for years now. Her favorite time of the year is Zoo Lights! Glad to hear it is really as good as she has always said.

easleyfamily said...

That was fun and now I'm craving myself a deep fried smore!!!