Monday, January 19, 2009

The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

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I love this book. I've been meaning to read it for years, but just hadn't, for whatever reason. There are so many themes in this novel that I think it's practically impossible to grasp it all in one reading. The explorations into motherhood were especially interesting to me: the things that motivate a mother and how those things are perceived by their children. Respect (or lack of) for different cultures is also a prominent theme.

Many times I found myself marveling at the beautiful writing. The descriptions of people and places were so exact that I know I would recognize them.

Overall, it was heartbreaking. Heartbreaking in countless ways. Heartbreaking and profound. Heartbreaking and hilarious. Heartbreaking and hopeful.

**Audio book review: Wow. Narrated by Dean Robertson, she skillfully voiced each of the five narrators flawlessly. I could pick up after not listening for a few days and know immediately who was narrating. I especially enjoyed her depiction of Rachel (man oh man). It's nice not to be distracted by trying to read African names or French. And that Southern accent was built right in.

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Lydia said...

I just checked this out at the library and can't wait to start reading it, but now I'm considering taking it back and get the audio version. The voice of the narrator definitely makes or breaks the book. Thanks for posting this. I always enjoy reading your reviews!

Linda said...

I started the book and hope I'll be able to finish it. I hope it won't be to heartbreaking for me to read. Thanks for letting me borrow the book. Love you!

Mel said...

This has been on my "to read" list for ages! I'm glad you liked it so much- it will be my next book for sure.