Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dictionary According to Ryder

Ryder is growing up so quickly. He speaks more clearly and more abundantly every day. But we don't want to forget all of his funny vocabulary! I know I have forgotten some already and may have to add to this post as people remind me. And even a list of the words he uses doesn't do him justice. His inflections are great too. Like the way he says, "I love YOU, mommy."

The Ryder Dictionary (in no particular order)

Yawyee = Savannah
Yawyo = Sage
Buduh = Haven
Ry der = Ryder (Yes, he's got that one down.)
Nanner = Tanner
Bentee = Bentley (He used to say "tbah")
papes = grapes
nana = banana
wer wor = World World
bid a wor = build a word (said while jumping in a circle)
Eeffa = Eve (from Wall-E)
ink show = Monsters, Inc.
baff = bath
cool = school
shahshoo = sucker
shahshoo = yellow (That is right--sucker and yellow sound the same. Anyone for a yellow sucker?)
blap = black
ree = red
ree = green (not "ree," ree!)
roo = room
gog = dog
wahwee = water
gook = book
cacker = cracker
muck = milk
dipt muck = I would like to dip graham crackers in milk.
yoga mapt = yoga mat
mahmahyo = marshmallow
beeball = baseball
foood = food

He says most everything else pretty clearly--to us, anyway. And there are a few things I can't put on the list because they sound a little (or a lot) like swear words (sorry, Faith!). But we pretty much get a kick out of almost everything that comes out of his cute little mouth.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let Me Persuade You

Persuasion Persuasion by Jane Austen

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Because I love Pride and Prejudice so much, I almost feel like I am betraying it a little each time I admit that I think I like Persuasion more. During this most recent reading of Persuasion I decided to pay a bit of attention to the differences between the two, and maybe figure out why I like Persuasion more. The result is that, really, they are nearly neck and neck. I love Elizabeth Bennett, and Pride and Prejudice has an extra dose of humor in it. But Anne Elliot is someone I would like to be--in a more modern version. She is sensible, but recognizes the need for love and romance in life. She is loyal--almost to a fault, but she is a true friend and supportive sister and daughter, even when the support is not reciprocated. I especially enjoy the journey she takes in Persuasion. I think that in the eight years proceeding the action in this novel she had already began to change, but the months that this novel depicts truly realize Anne's growing into herself. She is not about to repeat past mistakes (as I often do!) and is determined to make decisions based on her own experience and knowledge rather than being persuaded by others.

It may well be that one scene in this novel gives Persuasion the slightest edge over Pride and Prejudice for me. I will only refer to this scene as "the letter." I can read this scene over and over and never tire of it. I do not consider myself a hopeless romantic by any means. In fact, if a certain line is crossed then I must smirk at the cheesiness. But these few paragraphs in Persuasion are perfection to me.

**Audio Review** There are many audio versions of Persuasion (watch out and avoid those unabridged versions!). As I noted the various narrators I was immediately drawn to Grete Scacchi. I think she has a lovely voice. I did, however, proceed to listen to snippets of all of the narrators (I was surprised to find one male narrator). In the end, I went back to Grete Scacchi. She did not disappoint.

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Friday, February 6, 2009


Faced with piles of laundry to fold (affectionately referred to as Mt. Linen at our house), I'm choosing to blog instead. I mean, that laundry isn't going anywhere and I really need to post something. Right?

I've been meaning to address those pesky New Year's Day resolutions for over a month now. I think it is valuable to have a point once a year where we can all look at how badly we botched last years resolutions and optimistically make some for the present year. I wonder how I did last year? It can't be a good sign if I can only recall a couple (and of those I remember I followed through with exactly zero).

Last year I chose to keep most of my resolutions to myself to avoid publicizing my failures. Of the two goals I listed for all the world to read, as well as a few others I didn't list, here are the results:

lose weight: Nice try, Jenn. Better luck this year.

birthday cards: January - check!; February - check!; March - oops (it just goes downhill from here, folks)

be on time: I did make some major strides in this area. But you know what? One year of improving does not undo the previous years. So far I have not changed anyone's impression of me.

exercise: ummm. I started walking more quickly through the mall.

So what about this year?

lose weight (sound familiar) - so far so good
exercise - I'm breaking records!
no eating candy - can you believe that it is February and I'm still doing well on this one?
go to Europe - still in the planning stages but it's gonna happen

...and a few others that I'll keep private. As far as birthday cards go, I'm admitting defeat. I really wish I could be successful. Especially living far from most of our family, I would like them to know I'm thinking of them on their birthdays. I will continue to try to be on time, but I'll try not to beat myself up when I'm not.

I suppose you can tune in next year if you care to see how I do. You can just assume I will fail (a natural response) and then maybe I'll surprise you. And myself.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To...

...Savannah and Sage Elison.

My big girls wrote, starred in, produced, directed and filmed their own video this past weekend. And they did it without killing each other (no small feat--they came close a few times). And so I bring you--Love & Death and Easter Eggs.