Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dictionary According to Ryder

Ryder is growing up so quickly. He speaks more clearly and more abundantly every day. But we don't want to forget all of his funny vocabulary! I know I have forgotten some already and may have to add to this post as people remind me. And even a list of the words he uses doesn't do him justice. His inflections are great too. Like the way he says, "I love YOU, mommy."

The Ryder Dictionary (in no particular order)

Yawyee = Savannah
Yawyo = Sage
Buduh = Haven
Ry der = Ryder (Yes, he's got that one down.)
Nanner = Tanner
Bentee = Bentley (He used to say "tbah")
papes = grapes
nana = banana
wer wor = World World
bid a wor = build a word (said while jumping in a circle)
Eeffa = Eve (from Wall-E)
ink show = Monsters, Inc.
baff = bath
cool = school
shahshoo = sucker
shahshoo = yellow (That is right--sucker and yellow sound the same. Anyone for a yellow sucker?)
blap = black
ree = red
ree = green (not "ree," ree!)
roo = room
gog = dog
wahwee = water
gook = book
cacker = cracker
muck = milk
dipt muck = I would like to dip graham crackers in milk.
yoga mapt = yoga mat
mahmahyo = marshmallow
beeball = baseball
foood = food

He says most everything else pretty clearly--to us, anyway. And there are a few things I can't put on the list because they sound a little (or a lot) like swear words (sorry, Faith!). But we pretty much get a kick out of almost everything that comes out of his cute little mouth.


Britain said...

We hear similar words around our place too. Reading your post makes me want to listen to Alyssa more closely and write down some of her pronunciations. You know, I say food the exact same way as Ryder.

Jill said...

I will never forget the funny words my kids have said. There are days when I catch myself saying things like "tubet" for "bathtub", "gogo" for "yogurt", "tars" for "stars", and "dono" for "dog"! Ryder is soooo cute and I love his hair. Reminds me of my boys curls!

Chris and Karen said...

This is an awesome idea. I love word world and build a word.

Becky said...

Zach used to say bowotaco for helicopter and unfortunately I am not a journal writer and there were no blogs (not that I would have written one) so all the rest is forgotten until I am in the next life. I'm glad my children are writing things for posterity.

And what is with Natalie closing her blog except with an invitation? I guess I don't rate.

Jenifer Pullman said...

When Amelia was this age she wanted everything "red" - only she wanted to call it "pink". We had some frustrating days where I was asking her what color she wanted; me putting her in pink clothes, or shoes or something, and then her jumping up and down screaming; "No! No! "Pink"! "Pink"!

Jessica said...

I love seeing (hearing) how little kids pronounce things. It's really cute. My favorite of Ryder's is bid a wor. He's cute.

We have the same blog background. How cute is that?

Natalie said...

He is so funny. My favorite word is definitely Faith. Classic. Love him.

Linda said...

He is so darn cute! Remember when Matt called milk "mokie" or was that you? I wish I would have written down "words" that all of my kids said when they were little. Good memories!

Love you,

Brooke said...

I freaking love that baby boy! Member when he was in bed with you and said, "Mom, I wuv bentnee and nanner." How cute was that! I still need to hear him say Faith. He is so handsome!

Sage said...

Love it!

Aivaz Family said...

So fun!!

easleyfamily said...

So cute! This phase goes way too fast :(

LeonaBea said...

Hah! I love this! So good of you to take note and write them down!
Griff used to substitute an "ff" sound for "tr". Go figure.
The year he was into planes, trains, and automobiles... We were at our ward Christmas party, and the bishopric 1st counselor was playing Santa. The man is amazing, and he rides a Harley. He looks like a biker dude quite regularly on the weekends when he's not driving around in his Jeep. Anyway - he got Griff on his lap and asked what Griff wanted. Griff enthusiastically replied, "I want a truck!" (with the the phonetic substitution I mentioned earlier.) Got quite a few heads to turn...
I love little boys.

Mel said...

what a cutie! I am so impressed that he does yoga. :)