Friday, February 6, 2009


Faced with piles of laundry to fold (affectionately referred to as Mt. Linen at our house), I'm choosing to blog instead. I mean, that laundry isn't going anywhere and I really need to post something. Right?

I've been meaning to address those pesky New Year's Day resolutions for over a month now. I think it is valuable to have a point once a year where we can all look at how badly we botched last years resolutions and optimistically make some for the present year. I wonder how I did last year? It can't be a good sign if I can only recall a couple (and of those I remember I followed through with exactly zero).

Last year I chose to keep most of my resolutions to myself to avoid publicizing my failures. Of the two goals I listed for all the world to read, as well as a few others I didn't list, here are the results:

lose weight: Nice try, Jenn. Better luck this year.

birthday cards: January - check!; February - check!; March - oops (it just goes downhill from here, folks)

be on time: I did make some major strides in this area. But you know what? One year of improving does not undo the previous years. So far I have not changed anyone's impression of me.

exercise: ummm. I started walking more quickly through the mall.

So what about this year?

lose weight (sound familiar) - so far so good
exercise - I'm breaking records!
no eating candy - can you believe that it is February and I'm still doing well on this one?
go to Europe - still in the planning stages but it's gonna happen

...and a few others that I'll keep private. As far as birthday cards go, I'm admitting defeat. I really wish I could be successful. Especially living far from most of our family, I would like them to know I'm thinking of them on their birthdays. I will continue to try to be on time, but I'll try not to beat myself up when I'm not.

I suppose you can tune in next year if you care to see how I do. You can just assume I will fail (a natural response) and then maybe I'll surprise you. And myself.


Linda said...

Jenn, at least you are making resolutions...whether you keep them all or not (previous years). This year is gonna be different for you! I am sure you will accomplish all of the resolutions you made (minus the birthday card one). Keep up the great work. I'm so proud of you!

Jill said...

Being on time....that's a good one. I need to add that resolution to my list!
I've enjoyed reading your blog. It's almost like living in the same hood again. Well, almost but not as good. We miss you guys.
ps. every woman on the planet has 1# resolution on their list! Well, except one percent....maybe.

Aivaz Family said...

Jenn, you are amazing. So proud of you! Exercising is like the crappiest thing ever and I do it like once a week, so well done with yourself. I didn't even make any resolutions, so you are awesome!

Diane said...

love this post. I don't even make resolutions any more, I just pretend that I am working on something each month and who knows, maybe I can actually accomplish something.

I love the last cartoon

Anonymous said...

This Post was AWESOME! You're so clever :)

Becky said...

Believe it or not I put off doing my blog by thinking of things like laundry to do. (my laundry is always caught up) It's just like all my tries at writing a journal, I don't want to have to catch up so I don't do it at all. I do enjoy reading this one though. I still think you should write a book.