Monday, April 27, 2009


The Hunger Games The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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This is definitely a page-turner (maybe not a completely accurate description considering I listened to the audio book). And as young adult fare goes, it is a bit more sophisticated. The main characters may be children, but they are living adult lives and making (or being forced to make) decisions beyond their years.

Most of my favorite books hinge on my love of the main characters. I'm not sure I love Katniss as much as I've loved some others, but I appreciate her complexity. So much about her is admirable, yet she doesn't (mostly) make decisions based on what will make her lovable. She does what she has to do to guarantee her survival and the survival of those she loves. I'm looking forward to the next book.

**Audio Review: Very adequate. Not amazing, but not distracting. Overall I rather enjoyed listening to this book. I don't typically choose shorter books to listen to, but this was a good one.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How I Met Eric: November 1, 1990

**Note: Some names have been modified to protect the innocent. Also, some information has been left out so that I don't seem like such an idiot.**

Once upon a time, back in 1990, I attended a Young Adult Ward that was in my stake in Orem. I had pretty much gotten over a previous engagement that did not--thankfully--end in marriage. At the time I had a pretty hefty crush on a guy in my ward. We were really good friends but he had never asked me out and I didn't have the nerve to ask him. Finally he asked me out on a date! But I, unfortunately, wasn't able to make it. It did give me the courage to ask him out on a group date that all my friends were planning. A few days before this much anticipated and looked forward to date, I went visiting teaching. The girl I visit taught was in the Relief Society presidency and they just happened to be having a presidency meeting when I got there with my companion (who was also my step-sister, Shannon). We all got talking and the Relief Society president, Diana, said to me, "You should go out with a friend of mine. He is in our ward. Do you know Eric Elison?" I did not know Eric at all by sight. I only knew his name and that he was very good friends with the guy I was crushing on (another Eric--Eric R.). She went on to say, "Eric Elison is the brother of the guy I am waiting for on his mission (Kip). But I could double with you guys. I could go with our other friend Eric R.--he knows my whole situation with Kip."

I then proceeded to tell her that the timing was very off because I had a date scheduled for that Saturday night with Eric R. But I jokingly told her that if things didn't work out with Eric R. (which, of course, they would) then she could set me up with Eric Elison. Saturday night finally arrived and I was anticipating a heavenly night (there is a bit more to the "why" I was so sure this date would work out--a story for another time if you are interested). In a word the date was a disaster. Complete disaster. It might have been fine--just your typical first date with a fun guy, had I not been expecting to be swept off my feet.

The next day at church, I immediately asked Diana (who was sitting in front of me) to point out this Eric Elison guy. She did and I told her that if he was interested to have him give me a call. He called two days later (Halloween) to ask me out for the following night. We went to the Vienna Boys Choir concert in Salt Lake. It was so much fun (which was a little easier this time since my expectations were at a more normal level). I even gathered the courage to ask him out for the next night--I already planned to go see the play The Elephant Man at UVCC with Wendy but she had canceled. Things escalated from there and we were married 9 months later.

Whew! Are you still reading? If you are I will reward you with another little tidbit of information: Diana, the Relief Society president who set me up with Eric is my sister-in-law. She and Kip were married a little over one month after we were. I'm still indebted to her.