Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day One - European Tour 2009

Chatsworth House

As author of this little European travel log, I reserve the right to post or neglect to post photos as I choose (we took about 800 photos--so be happy about that). This fact will be demonstrated immediately, as I will not post the first picture that was taken on our vacation. Eric took a picture of me being frisked by a security officer at McCarren Airport. (Needless to say, I removed my insulin pump for every subsequent security check.) I would have posted this very flattering picture, but the security officer made it very clear that taking pictures of a security check are unacceptable.

We arrived in Manchester and were greeted by Tina's parents. They are serving a mission there and were our amazing hosts, cooks, tour guides and chauffeurs. After dropping off our luggage at their flat in Lymm, we immediately left for Chatsworth House, which is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Amazing! Eric was more than a little jet-lagged and didn't love it as much as I did, but it was unlike anything I had seen before.

The front steps just inside Chatsworth.

The library--my favorite room

More library shots, and that violin--it's a painting

Various indoor shots including Eric's attempt at looking fascinated with period costumes

The staircase, dining room and a few of the many statues

Eric, Sister Hafen, Dan and Tina outside Chatsworth House

Dan and Tina

Gardens at Chatsworth

A few more outdoor shots

Chatsworth House is near a little town called Bakewell. I loved Bakewell! We actually went there in search of Bakewell's famous tarts, and found a very enchanting little town. It also had one of those great creepy churches complete with a graveyard (parts of the church were built in 1100).


A street in Bakewell

The creepy yet very cool church

Side-view of the church

I blame any bad karma for the rest of the trip on Dan and Eric

We also went on a little walking tour in the rain around the town of Lymm. The canal that runs through town is filled with barge-type houseboats. We picked up some authentic fish and chips and mushy peas on the way back to the flat.

Things we ate today: a couple of pretty good sandwiches in the Las Vegas and Philidelphia airports (Eric: sorry about your poor choice of McDonlads in the Philly airport!); some surprisingly good chicken and pasta on the airplane; french toast and honey--compliments of Sister Ann Hafen; ice cream in Bakewell; fish and chips and mushy peas; Bakewell tarts and some other kind of yummy coconut tart; and Galaxy Mintrels (a yummy English version of M&Ms--but WAY better).

Things I discovered: England can be freezing, even in the summer; I'm more than glad that I invested in my raincoat; I can't keep my eyes open during long car rides in any country; I was so glad we weren't driving with the whole "driver on the right hand side" thing.


Linda said...

Awesome pictures! Wish I could have had some fish and chips and the coconut tart! Yum. Can't wait to see more!

Jessica said...

I love that Tina Clark. And also, I love that YOU. I'm so glad you guys got to go on a rad European trip together. Can't wait to hear the about the rest of the trip.

easleyfamily said...

Wow! Looks amazing! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear (read) all about your trip!!!

Aivaz Family said...

I am more than a little bit jealous, but also so happy for you. I can just see you in my minds eye. It is cute, I assure you.