Friday, July 10, 2009

European Tour 2009 - Day 4

We had a somewhat difficult time deciding what to do on Monday. There were several choices--none of them bad. We had already been to Chatsworth House, so the question was whether or not Lyme Park would be redundant. There were also some other pretty neat yet similar choices. I was good with whatever, but was sort of excited to see the estate where the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice filmed the outdoor scenes of Pemberly. (I'm a slight fan.) So I was excited when we decided to go to Lyme Park.

The question, then, was what to do with the extra two or so hours we had before Lyme Park. Dan had been really anxious to see either Costco or Asda (Walmart in Britain) or both. We decided on Asda. I wish I had taken some pictures inside. I would have looked a little freakish as I don't think Asda is on any tourist route. But it was interesting how completely different a store can be. It wasn't as large as our typical Super Walmarts (although I suppose there are some larger), but it was fairly large and the majority of it was groceries. They did have clothes and music and other stuff like that. Interestingly enough, their toy aisle was really only about one half of one side of an aisle. I wouldn't mind that change at all. We picked up some Humbug, some Golden Syrup and a few other things. Very educational on a sociological level.

We continued on to Lyme Park. It was beautiful. The house was pretty amazing, but the grounds were incomperable. We had a great time going on a tour of the house (NO pictures allowed!), ate lunch in the restaurant, walked all around the grounds and patronized the gift shop.

A building outside the estate walls

I think this was the stable

A view of the entrance--I was a little irritated with the guy walking by and the delivery truck. Couldn't these people see I was trying to take a picture?

The backside of the entrance

These are THE steps that Mr. Darcy runs down with wet hair while buttoning his jacket and looking frantically for Elizabeth

Another view of the courtyard

This is a terrible picture, but I had to include it because I got in a little trouble for taking it. Also, because that picture actually is an opening for the room behind it. From the room above it looks into the entry way. The owners could look to see who was at the door and if they wanted to admit them.

This is some sort of venison pot pie

My warm bacon (i.e. ham) and potato salad--it was excellent

Tina and Dan enjoying their lunch in the Lyme Park Restaurant

Dan and Tina on THE steps

Eric and me on THE steps

View from the house across the grounds

Pretty view of something

Side view

Lyme Park's greenhouse

Tina inside the greenhouse

The fountain inside the greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse

Front/side view

I'm really not sure where at Lyme Park this was taken--but I like it

Kind of a funky side view

A fountain on the grounds near the greenhouse

Dan and Tina

Walking through Lyme Park

Yes--another bench (I'm actually holding some back)

Along our walk

Dan and Eric next to a bizarre species of pine tree (I'm guessing)

Flowering trees

A bridge we passed during our stroll about the grounds

Another view of the bridge--it's cool but probably doesn't warrant two shots, but I had to wait a really long time for people to move out of my way so I'm posting two

Brother and Sister Hafen

A really tall tree in the deer park

Back View of Lyme

Eric sitting on a stump (wow--did I really need to explain that?)

A small footbridge

A shed that we encountered on our walk

Back view of Lyme

The flower garden at Lyme--unfortunately between plantings, but still beautiful

A cool looking door at Lyme Park
Front View of Lyme Park--we took this as we were leaving and the delivery truck had moved

After a great day at Lyme Park we headed back to the flat. Brother and Sister Hafen redied themselves for Family Home Evening and the rest of us packed for London and France. Tina and Dan went with the Hafens to FHE, Eric and I stayed behind to finish packing and shower. We had a very early start the next morning.

Things we ate: French Toast (with Golden Syrup and creme fraiche for me); the warm bacon salad pictured above for Tina, Ann and me; Dan and Doug had the venison; Eric wasn't feeling well and didn't eat; I'm pretty sure Dan got a hold of a flapjack that day; and I have no clue what we ate for dinner (help me with that someone).

Things I learned: Walmart isn't the same wherever you go (this is a good thing); a recylable bad from England's Walmart is somehow cool (and great for carrying library books); the British don't refrigerate their eggs, you find them on a shelf; A&E/BBC's Pride and Prejudice uses Lyme Park for the outside of Pemberly, but because of renovations, used another location for the indoor scenes; the Long Gallery was once turned into (or nearly) an ice skating rink by the children one winter; I would gladly live in either the stable, greenhouse or even the shed on those grounds.


Jessica said...

What a beautiful place! I might have to stop disliking Pride and Prejudice after seeing this. But then again, seeing these photos doesn't make it any less boring, so maybe not.

I had no idea Walmart was in England, but now that I do, I will have to find a way to get a recyclable bag from there. It does sound cool.

Can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

Jenn, the picture with the delivery truck and that "guy" - yah that's me. So sorry, but you should have just yelled at me like ususal.


Aivaz Family said...

Excellent as usual. I have to say that I gagged a little when I heard the words "venison", "pot", and "pie" in the same sentence. No bueno. I like you, did you know? More than a little.

Karalee said...

Wow I am a little jealous. I mean THE steps!

Mel said...

You are so good about documenting your trip- I love it. What an amazing place and such beautiful pictures! Take me next time?

Jenn E said...

Eric - I knew that was you and I was just joking around, also, I NEVER YELL AT YOU!!!!!!

easleyfamily said...! amazing!

Natalie said...

I want Mr. Darcy to frantically look for me while running down those steps. Love the pictures. I want to go. BAD!

Linda said...

Awesome pictures! I'm with Natalie..I want Mr. Darcy looking for me too! Not really...who would want Mr. Darcy when I have Jim!

Tina Clark said...

How did I miss Day 4??? Where have I been????? Great reminscing - unfortunately, far too many pictures of me!