Monday, August 31, 2009


Hayley Reese Kennedy

The stats!

What a fun day! Natalie went to the doctor this morning and her blood pressure was still high. So she sent Natalie and MRK home for their bags and then to the hospital. Bentley and Tanner came over here and we had a fun day waiting for Hayley's arrival. We went to the hospital around seven. The boys were a little stand-offish at first, but they warmed up in no time (I think it had to do with the Transformer walkie talkies that "Hayley" gave them.) Bentley even said to Savannah, "I just barely bet Hayley and I already love her."

The initial meeting

Maybe she's not so bad if she gives us toys

Bentley gives in and then doesn't want to give her up

Tanner is loving her too

I think they want to keep her

Sage and Hayley

Haven was seriously devastated when she found out that only siblings could go in the room (literally sobbing!)

It's hard to decide which one is more beautiful

Hayley with mommy

Hayley with Savannah

They are already amazing big brothers!

Hayley with daddy

Sage, Eliza and Ryan holding Hayley

Brooke and the Spuhlers holding Hayley

What can I say?


Linda said...

Look at my new sweet granddaughter, Hayley! She is beautiful! Thanks for the awesome pictures Jenn that made it possible for me to see her! And Natalie does look great!

Love you...see you soon!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you posted these pictures! Hayley is so yummy and what's with Natalie looking so hot right after having a baby? Did she have a c-section or something?

I'm so glad she has so many friends and family members to come visit her at the hospital.

Hayley is very generous.

Jaime Stephens said...

oh she is so sweet and thanks so much for posting pictures! She is precious Natalie is beautiful and what a beautiful family! Can't wait to see more those boys look stoked to have a sweet little girl in there family that is so cute.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet baby girl for Natakie and MRK. What a blessing she will be in her family. I'm so glad she was born in August. Hope Linda gets down there soon to kiss on her. joice

Wendy said...

Really, really cute!

ashwini said...

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