Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweet is Debatable, But Savannah is 16!

I know this is long overdue, I am a blogging failure lately. In an effort to catch up I am going back to Savannah's 16th birthday in October. This was supposed to be a non-birthday party year due to our Disneyland trip, but it was hard to let this significant day go by without doing something special. The weekend before her birthday we actually invited a few friends and surprised Savannah with dinner at Red Robin followed by a movie projected on a screen in our backyard (thanks Ryan and Brooke!). It was a lot of fun and I think she had a good time.

Before we stuffed our faces

That's my girl

Apparently we weren't exciting enough for Hayley

16 balloons

Everything you need for a movie (check out the cute popcorn cones that Brooke made)

We also had some frosted mugs for root beer floats--Savannah LOVES frosted mugs

Jessica and Megan made this cute cake--what great friends!

Ryder and Haven think they can join in

Sage is ready for the movie to start

Savannah and Megan watching Princess Bride

Jessica and Sarah

On Savannah's actual birthday we had a little party at home.

Savannah wanted a French vanilla cake with whipped cream frosting

Singing Happy Birthday

In all fairness to Tanner, he did ask me several times for more ice cream before taking matters into his own hands

Savannah and Megan


Aivaz Family said...

I can't believe she is 16. Such a fun girl. Also, I am so glad you updated. I like you.

Jessica said...

Can't believe she is 16. You are OLD!!!

Jaime Stephens said...

Oh my goodness 16!! That is great how fun! That cake looks yummy and so does Hayley!

Brooke said...

I seriously couldn't stop laughing when Ryan whispered, "Hey... look at Tanner. Should we say something??? Nah....."

Ha!! That party was fun. And I pretty much LOVE Savann!!!!!!! Oh, and we are tricky.

Linda said...

What a fun 16th birthday! Savannah is all grown up(she thinks!) She is so pretty and I love it when she smiles for the camera! Tanner cracks me up! Way to go Tanner, so funny!

Hacking it up said...

Happy 16th to Sage! What a fun mom you are to throw a party like that!!

Wendy said...

How is is possible that you have a 16 year old? It seems just yesterday that was us. Happy b-day to Sage. Your kids are all beautiful.