Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is it Too Late?

I am going to assume, mainly because I don't know or care to know the hard and fast rules of New Year's Resolutions, that it is acceptable to publicly announce a few of my own resolutions on January 30th. It is a fact that there are a few that I haven't begun yet and that there may be one or two that I've already blown. But I do take them seriously as a chance to better myself and allow myself to blog at this late date about one or two in the spirit of tradition (this is, I think, year three).

1. My original idea for this resolution was to read at least 50 quality books this year--not including fluff. But what is fluff, really? And it is a fact that I need some less demanding books between the more cerebral. So I have modified my resolution to include basically any 50 books. I feel that this resolution is ambitious enough while still being something I can reasonably accomplish. To date I have completed seven books (not including the one I quit half way through). I am trying to get as far ahead as I can to allow for those books that may take longer or for when Glee starts up again.

2. I am going to run a five mile race. (Run, walk, crawl...whatever.) Eric is running in the Canyonlands half-marathon in Moab this March and agreed to run the five miler. Despite my secret wishes that our names would not be chosen in the race lottery, we were selected. I guess we'll see how it goes.

3. I am going to start blogging a little more. ("A little more than never," you say?) I have recently realized how often I refer to it for information--recipes, dates, events. So I am going to try harder. I obviously haven't been committed to this one yet.

Good luck to those of you out there who are setting goals. Does it really matter what day of the year it is?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That's Right, I Know the Author

Flowering in the Desert Flowering in the Desert by Angie Welsh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
It isn't because I know the author that I give this book a glowing review. From the beginning I felt transported back to my own childhood and marveled at the authenticity of main character Mandy's experiences and teenage feelings. I especially appreciated the truthful depictions of growing up as a Mormon in a Utah town. And before you assume that this novel is for Mormon readers only, it definitely is not. While Mandy's faith does play a significant roll in her life and her decisions as a teenager, she is a typical young woman trying to make her way through life via high school. And don't let the cover fool you, the time frame is actually the past couple of decades.

Well done, Angie! I look forward to more from you.

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