Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Catch-Up Begins

Are you missing Christmas? (Don't worry, it is right around the corner. Seriously. It is practically here. You should start shopping now. Or crying.) Since I am so far behind in my postings of family events, I am going back to do a quick overview of Christmas. At this point I really don't remember much about it. I think there were some presents involved and a trip to Utah. At least I do have pictures (mostly thanks to my mom's new camera).

Christmas morning. Haven finds the pickle.

Ryder and his loot.

Haven can't believe she got just what she wanted.

Savannah and Sage seem pretty happy.

Eric gave me this most amazing present. It is a collage he put together of all the pictures of doors I took while we were in Europe. I can't tell you how much I love it!

Family AND snow in Utah?! What more can you ask for?

New Year's Eve festivities.

More Utah fun.


Jessica said...

Welcome back. I've missed you. Bad.

One question. Why does Sage look so peeved in the last group of pictures? She's still pretty when she's mad!

Wanna hang out in a few weeks?

Aivaz Family said...

Good for you for getting back to it. I gave up a long time ago. Your kids are cute. Really cute. Keep blogging. Someone has to.

Linda said...

Nice to see you blog again! Christmas was fun!

Becky said...

I LOVE the door collage. I've heard of Christmas in July but in May???

Sage said...

I probably look that way because my mom was taking pictures of me really early in the morning.