Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Randomness

Most of the following pictures were taken at random times for no special reason. I am including them because they are cute/funny/strange or just because.

Ryder couldn't wait to wear his new "handsome clothes"

He didn't mind that the hat and jeans don't necessarily complete the outfit

Some Hayley cuteness back in January

Sage and Ryder

Ryder won't eat his dinner but he will eat a nasty football

Which reminds me of a little conversation I had with Ryder recently:

Jenn: Ryder, when are you to start eating the dinners that I cook for you?
Ryder: Ummm. You mean the gross food?

Haven with her friend Bella at their school's Princess Day

Hayley asleep with Savannah

Hayley asleep with Sage

Hail!! In April! Unbelievable!

Sage's picture of Haven

Another Sage photo

I don't know--eating cereal

Savannah tuning at her most recent concert

Sage--we never got a picture of the front of her


Jaime Stephens said...

I love all those pictures..

Brooke said...

I am so happy that you decided to share this randomness!! Why haven't I ever been to the girls orchestra concert? That's lame. Hayley is lazy. Your kids are beautiful!

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh, I love those pictures of Ryder with his handsome clothes and hat. He is so cute! I like that you are finally updating your blog. We're all doing it so you can too!

Jessica said...

It's about dang time I get to see pictures of Hayley. She's yummy.

Great pictures. I didn't know Sage was into photography. She's pretty great.

Linda said...

I love all the pictures! Especially the ones of Ryder! So cute! Glad you are blogging again!

Linda said...

PS: love the pictures that Sage took!

easleyfamily said...

Great have lots of cuteness to work with :)

Hacking it up said...

I am glad o see that I am not the only one who is behind on blogging...although i am a lot farther behind than you are....Love seeing the pics of your cute family!!

Becky said...

Love the pics! I guess I'll have to ask Zach to update my blog again.

angela said...

Great pictures Jen, thanks for posting. Such cute kids and really funny too.