Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Thankful

It is almost Thanksgiving, but I am preoccupied with thoughts of Savannah leaving for New York today. I have one million things to do, yet I am sitting here in my pajamas updating my neglected blog. I am so excited for Savannah. What an amazing opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall--not to mention just experiencing New York City. My battle for the day is to try to focus on the excitement and not my nervousness. She will be fine, right!? Right. Of course she will. Savannah is a good and cautious girl and I know she will keep herself safe. I think that Eric better take her to the airport, though, so she isn't embarrassed when I turn into a blubbering mess.

I just want to publicly thank all those who have helped Savannah in so many ways--you know who you are!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I don't know if it's great that we have to actually designate a holiday to being grateful or if' it's a little sad. Either way it's easier to focus on being grateful after eating pie!