Monday, May 23, 2011

The Map of True Places

The Map of True PlacesThe Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was fortunate enough to win this book through a goodreads giveaway and I am so glad! It was on my "to-read" list anyway, because I did enjoy The Lace Reader (which, also taking place in Salem, leaked into this book a few times). But I liked this one so much more. I was slightly worried at the beginning because I was afraid that too many story-lines were beginning in various places in time. The fact is that it all comes together artfully. There is a lot of suspense and I literally didn't put the book down for the entire last half! The characters are well-written and complex. Every person is completely three-dimensional.

There are a lot of loose ends that need tying up by the end. There is a point where they all start clicking into place (some things predictable--some not so much). But all in all things come to a satisfactory end despite some heartache and loss.

It is nice to read something that isn't entirely in the normal vein of thinking. This novel has several elements that you just sort of give yourself over to because they are so intriguing. I will definitely keep my eyes open for more books by Barry.

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